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Project: Shades of Violet
Project Started: 6th October, 2006 Last Update: 6th October, 2006
Project Owner: Heriberto Valle Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
- This is an alternative end of the 19th century -

Violet Vendetta lives an orphaned life in a lonely small city in Poland. A natural born inventor, and ocassional sleut; she longs for the day she will be able to soar trough the skies looking for adventure and fortune.

But as a demonic league of sorcerers known as the darkstar society search for the last heir of the Vendetta family, she will have to gather her courage and uncover the legacy behind her name. But it's all a day's work for a young inventor.


-Classic platform gaming with a twist. Unleash a barrage of defensive and offensive moves and tricks with the steam yoyo. But be careful, as different moves spend different quantities of steam. And without steam you are defenseless.

-Travel trough the world searching for the darkstar society and their matron: Nikita Tessla. The zeppelin known as graf castle will take you anywhere the society rears their ugly head.

-Upgrade Graf castle with money reaped from missions. New rooms and weapon upgrades can be researched in the new facilities you build.

-Key scenes drawn as a comic. Full motion videos at the start of each chapter.

Shades of Violet chapter 1 will be released as freeware. We are striving to make a game that everyone will enjoy.

NOW SEARCHING for people that are willing to help with game coding. I'm an average coder and It's been like a year since I touched MMF. and Now I got MMF2 I'm looking for capable persons that are willing to get their names credited on the game. I can of course not pay you, But I'm willing to create graphics or illustrations (I'm a graphic designer and artist) for your own proyects or leisure)

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