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Review: Gravitorb 2
Author: ruffles
Added: 09/08/2002

This game is really fun and addictive!

The game graphics are simple, but well drawn and the interface is very futuristic.

The gameplay is good too, if you never played a game like this it will be a bit hard at the beginning, but with the time you get them. And the controls are easy to memorize: just the arrows and Ctrl!

There isn't any intro, but why was it going to need one? It's a game that you load and get playing, or go editing your own levels. Isn't it great? The editing is very easy and you can create anything you want (possible things).

This game lasts depending if you don't worry about dying a lot, because loose the thrust key for one milisecond and you restart.

Another cool thing is that every new playing the "theme" of the level change: if you play one time, the terrains are blue, another time it's red. And the variety of enemies and the terrain destroying is cool too. You can literally open your way to get the diamonds, the objective of the game.

I didn't play Gravitorb before, so I don't know what really changed, but it doesn't really matter, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!


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