Klik readmes are very important documentations which should not be underused. There ARE non-klikkers out there who download klik games, and won't understand that Shift seems to be the default menu selection key in most klik games. They'll assume its ENTER or SPACE. You need to inform them otherwise. So, open up Notepad and I'll guide you through the basics of creating a pretty good readme document.

By the way, this doesnt necessarily reflect on my own readme.docs which I include in my games...I should learn from this too

The Start
Well, the name of the game, and who created it is a pretty good start. Also, when making a readme, try not to force the player to scroll right when reading the text. Place the words on one page so they are all visible, and then you'd only have to scroll up and down...and...oh yeah. You might wish to include the date of when the game was released, just for personal preferance. Then when someone asks you "hey **enter name here**, when did you finish **game name**?" you can quickly look at the readme and say "10 years ago" or whatever. Moving on.

Diagnosis Of Articulate Movement
In English, this basically means "tell them how the game works; what buttons you press". Some klik games use SHIFT to jump, for example, while others use UP to jump. Of course, this is for platform games. Other games like strategy will need detailed explanation of the controls. And don't write a long boring list of controls, ie: K and T together will give your character a roundhouse kick while pressing TAB, T, X and > will turn him around. Just keep things nice and simple and explain them as simply as you can, without confusing the idio..er..reader.

Set The Scene
Basically, type the story of the game here. Don't make it too long, and don't use too many big words like "aphyxiate" and "insubconsequentious". The average person will be like..."buh?" while the more nerdy among you will say "insubconsequentious isnt even a word. DOY!" Basically, make the story simple, but write it well. It sets the scene for the game. Similarly, do NOT do a Droog and write a whole book of a story. People will not read it. Except perhaps Podunkian who will try and find as many things wrong with it and correct/mock you. Keep it about ten lines and you should be fine.

Game Details
You could include brief descriptions of the levels in the game here, or more suitably, descriptions of the bad guys and how they act. That way, the player can anticipate their actions when they confront them. You might want to write about a 2 player mode, and how it works, or any hidden minigames and how to access them (ie, "To play Football Frenzy, finish the game on Idiot Setting") or whatever. Boss descriptions wouldn't be a bad idea either, and mention extras your game may have such as passwords, sound tests and the like.

Do not (repeat NOT (like I do)) call the documentation "README.doc" or "README.txt". It's such a snorefest of a name. Give it a name which is urgent, like "IMPORTANT!.txt" and that will increase the players chances of bothering to read it.

Hope this helps you to create a good documentation. I know I'll be using this guide for a while.