What? How to use TDC? I know how to use the interweb, noob!
(because you're doing it wrong)

NOTE: ARTICLE IS NOW NULL AND VOID. IT'S HERE FOR HISTORY REASONS NOW. I'll write another 'How To' article once more problems occur with the new system we have.

Hey all, Peblo here, and I'm here to teach you how to use TDC.
First off, the basics:
Type in http://www.create-games.com/ into your address bar, not that hard, is it? Okay, now that we're finally on TDC, we're ready to roll.

OMG BUTTONS! I'll be returning to this bar frequently so try to remember where it is (at the top of the page).


When we first go to www.create-games.com, you'll see the front page. Depending on whichever stupid theme you're using you'll see the title of the top news post, along with the date, author(admin), and how many comments there are. The News posts usually consist of the following:

NEW GAME- Usually a good game, you can read the game description (which may or may not be shoddy depending on which admin posted) and a link to the download.

NEW ARTICLE- Never happens because people nowdays are thrown off by large amounts of text. I bet you aren't even reading this.

NEW PREVIEW/DEMO- If a preview makes it to the front page, it's usually amazing quality vaporware. Same goes for demos.

NEW ALPHA- Ahaha, this is a new one! Apparently TDC lacks enough quality games that we have to include ALPLA games on the front page. No offense to the alpha games, but for a second I though the front page meant something.

GOTW #???-Shows which game had the most fake accounts vote for it. On a rare occasion there's a game that's actually worthy of this award, but loses to a 26 minute TDC game competition.

TALKING TOPIC #??- An attempt to have klikkers around the globe talk about an issue, which many people reply but no one really reads. Maybe someone does, I don't, I have better things to do (like write an article).

And there's more but those are the generic ones. Now that you know the general gist of things.


Click on that comments button, and you'll be directed to a new page! Go ahead and scroll all the way to the bottom, ignore everything in between; it's usually an argument or mind numbing praise/criticism . Eventually you'll come to a box shaped like this:

You can type many a thing inside this magic box of wonders, however you probably should type a bunch of emotions and hope to get your point across that way. It's worked for members before! After you finish typing your words of wisdom, you can forget to press the submit button and I wouldn't hate you for it. But once you press that button you're precious words can be torn apart and fed to the hungry hedgehogs in the knp library. I've given you fair warning.

Back to the navigation bar up top, there's something called downloads. Click it. OMG new page.


WOW! There's a lot of content on this page eh? Lemme explain what things on this page mean

- How popular that game creator is
- How many enemies that game creator has
# of downloads- How long something has sat on the front page, the greater the number the longer

Off to the left you'll see a Top Downloads list, I've seen it change twice. It's basically there to show you how your game compares against older (not necessarily better) games, and to mock you. You won't get a game on that list.

Anyhow, click on a game that looks interesting. I'll select my own game for a non-bias (lol) example.


Here we have the game statistics. From this we can gather that this game hasn't been on the front page, has more downloads than votes (sometimes this isn't the case), and that the game is 47.50% bad. Almost looks like a skipper.

Down the page you'll find a bunch of screenshots and a button that looks like this:

You can click it, and you'll- wait hold on the page is changing... you get to vote!


How was the game dude? Well regardless if you've played it or not, you should vote for one or the other depending on if the screenshots looked cool or if you like the game creator, it's the only sensible thing to do.

That pretty much covers downloads, there's some advance user options like unhelpful comments and maybe actually playing the game that I might teach you how to do at a later date. For now though let's go back to the navigation bar and go to Articles.


Oh, this is really easy! See the box in the top right? It says top articles- yes that's the one. This list isn't really the best article list, rather a modified one. Click on the topmost article.

Now here's the tricky part... without reading ANY WORDS on that page, you have to find the star that looks like this:
and click on it. GOGOGO! Rinse and repeat for the other top articles, they don't deserve their spot. See, I told you this was an easy section.

You can skip the Previews section because 99% is vaporware and it's not worth sifting through the useless junk. Click on Boards.


This is easily the best part of TDC, and the most interactive. In fact, you've found the spot where every single member can talk shit regardless of talent or skill! Here you can talk about anything and everything, except religion, criticism on the admins, hate on other members, hate on the US, porn unless it's in links which doesn't make sense, and I guess Phizzy for whatever reason.

For this article, I'll pretend to be an enraged klikker who is frustrated that his game doesn't have many downloads. So I want to ask the entire community why my luck so is down, and what better way to do it than an angry accusing topic? None.

I'm not actually going to tell you how to do this because that would be a mistake on my part. What I will show you though is how to deal with replies.


OOH! OFFENSIVE! If you ever encounter a member that in ANY WAY displeases you, you should follow these steps.

1. Click on the user's avatar
2. Look under his/her/it's download section, and click the top game.
3. Vote 'thumbs down'
4. Repeat for all games

That'll teach them to mess with you!


So maybe you can see why TDC is a mess. Maybe some of my points are valid, maybe not. Maybe you think I'm an idiot, and maybe you're wrong. Maybe the TDC admins do everything EXACTLY right, or maybe they're real people. Maybe rikus deletes threads for fun. Maybe this article will be deleted before people read it.

So, what are you as members going to do about it?