So I am deeply in love with my Xbox 360, I love the thing, from its multimedia capabilities to the games, just put me and my xbox together and magic happens!

On that note I have been carrying around 900 Microsoft points with me, ready to be spend on a Xbox live arcade game. After playing some demo's and almost buying a game I came to a shocking conclusion.

I started to compare what was available on the Xbox arcade service compared to the indie-games we play here online in our very own community. I was shocked when I came to the conclusion that I would rather pay my 800 Microsoft points for a game created by this community then to spend it on yet another bad puzzle game or a retro game. While Microsoft I taking a step in the right direction with its upcoming XNA game development platform, both sony and Microsoft (or any other publisher) should take note with all the Talent that is floating around in these indie communities! Even within our own click-community!

Now i was thinking that a publisher should look at the talent here and should help finance a conversion of a popular click game to the xbox 360/ps3 platforms. It would be money in the bank for them and the authors i tell ya! I would certainly buy Bonesaw, Noitu Love 2, Eternal Daughter and even fig just like that and hundreds of other classic click games if I could play them on my TV with controller in hand.

And even if you take a quick look at our project page your jaw just drops to the floor with all the quality games that are going to be released soon!

Instead right now Iím stuck with weird tetris clones and old shoot 'm up games on my xbox 360. So did I spend my Microsoft points? No they are still in my online pocket, Iím still waiting.. maybe one day Iíll find a click-style quality game on it, I can dream right?

What is your opinion on this, do you agree disagree? Let me know in the comments section below.