Many people think that scrolling is not possible in a K & P game, this is technically right, but it can be changed.
The concept - make all your platforms active objects and scroll them instead of the Player Character.

Make your level about as long as you need it, and the place all your platforms, just be careful, as these must all be active objects, otherwise you will not be able to scroll them.
Now place you character in the middle of the screen, and give them platform movement with no speed (Remember, we are moving the PLATFORMS not the character)

Coding ------
Player 1 pressed right on Joystick - Platform X = Platform X - 1
'This makes the platform scroll from right to left
Player 1 pressed left on Joystick - Platform X = Platform X + 1
'Scrolling in the other direction

I put this up as an example of Thinking Around Klik N Play, which is a concept I have used numerous times to get clickteam products to do things that they are not really made to do. Hope this is at least semi-Helpful.