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Falling Sun
Author: Pegwo Submitted: 6th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 273

I'm not sure If I remember posting this or not.This was a game I started a while back and didn't turn out as good as I thought. I'd just like to see everyone elses opinion. :S

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Posted by Georgie 6th July, 2002

I agree. I liked the introduction and graphics but the gameplay is dull. Since all you do is stand in one area and shoot left or right, and with all the life/ammo power ups.. dieing is not an option really. I would like to see more of an adventurous type of game that you shoot left and right WHILE getting to a new area to do something, such as closing exit gates to prevent civilian exposure to the zombie things.
Posted by Yikes 6th July, 2002

As the two other said: Graphics good but gameplay bad! And you got VERY tired of it in a while!
Posted by Simdrone052 6th July, 2002

WOA! A game from Pegwo! I'm downloading it now, I HOPE YOU USED TGF OR MMF!!!
Posted by Simdrone052 6th July, 2002

YAY, this game is fun... The variety in weapons is quite good, and the GFX rule. I LOVE THE GAMEPLAY, It is like smash TV on side view...
Posted by Jack Frost 6th July, 2002

I have shoes.
Posted by mrEkli 6th July, 2002

This game is pretty good. Good job. You rely on your "helper" too much though...
Posted by mrEkli 6th July, 2002

Oh! I thought you only had the pistol. Heh.
Posted by diablos 7th July, 2002

graphics good,gameplay bad
Posted by The Chris Street 7th July, 2002

This is better than Operation Sitting Duck. Well done!
Posted by Jesse (riko[fa]) 7th July, 2002

This is actually a pretty original idea. Maybe if the levels were a tad shorter (gets a bit tedious) and there were more variety between them, it could be really great.
Posted by Crono 7th July, 2002

pretty cool game, but the gameplay is pretty crap, all you do is stand there and just shoot, are you planning are having actual levels?
Posted by Pegwo 7th July, 2002

Please don't hate,congradulate. :-\
Posted by Pegwo 7th July, 2002

Oh,I'm not going to continue this game because it didn't turn out the way I wanted it,and the way I wanted it is as everyone is suggesting,but the file was acting gay and I couldn't get it to scroll,so I'm scrapping it.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 13th September, 2002

Excellent Graphics, you should be proud of that. And the intro is good although it would have been great if you had a bit better writing. I like to have constructive criticism and I'm sure other people do too. I would have preferred more of a adventure-type game with some battles with those plant guys, and with a dark world and horror-like sequences it could be really cool. Scrolling would be nice, but just screen-to-screen would be fine too, just add a bit of flavor to the basic action game. Also you need to make the game where you require skill to play, endless hordes of guys you have to decapitate isn't a whole lot of fun, especially without needing much skill to defeat them. I would take that engine, upgrade it and add some adventure elements (Like items you need and elevators, doors etc.) and make a nice big game, it has alot of potential, it would be a shame to waste that.





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