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Author: Cappy Submitted: 28th July, 2002 Favourites:0
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this is a little and unprotected experiment, where a little animated square that bounces around the window as a ball, using the base of a simple platform engine. note: you can change the resolution wihouth problems, click the icons on the desktop and see more than 1 squares bouncing simply by re-opening the file! enjoy!

an please post here your comments

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Posted by zork25 28th July, 2002

Posted by Lew 8th April, 2003

Lol, this is an idea everyone should have a go at. I made a platformer style game before, using the start bar and some pre-places sub apps, with sub apps as enemies. It worked out well, if a little slow and hard to program. Then it corrupted, and i had no backups. Bugger.






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