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smallworld demo
Author: jkd Submitted: 2nd August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 156

screnes shots on the link + the downlowd , plese check out the intro +3 frames of acual gameplay pleade tell me the bugs with the intro (i am working on the interfce of the engen its self for the game play)if it dosent work some how dont post it suks or downt downlowd gest tell me the problen spicificly so i can fix it

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Posted by jkd 2nd August, 2002

Posted by Paul_James 2nd August, 2002

DUde this game really sux!!!
Posted by jkd 2nd August, 2002

thanx in fact many parts the intro is not finished for example be forure the fite betwen you and that guy in the big space ship he says "sh** i ran out of amo, but whate! i know ! i will start droping of RABID VISHIOUS sowing ladys that i was suposed to ship to a factory after i kiled you but the price on your head is much more valuble then 5000 old ladys" then bob says "but i thout you said i was useless" and then the guy in the ship says "you are useles to me i gust dont give a dam a bout lower class old ladys"
Posted by jkd 2nd August, 2002

i all ready figerd out the plotm and sence plots my specilty expect lots of cutceans enbetwean the huge levels which will be sorta a puseler rpg(LOTS OF STATS IM GOUNG TO ADD like: hp,ammo stamana,and other junk!)




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