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Area 55 (Engine Demo)
Author: Super Yoshi Submitted: 2nd August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 134

Hey! Super Yoshi's here with another game. Its just a engine demo, with walking and jumping. Please post comments! Ill add a preview of Area 55 really soon!

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Posted by 2nd August, 2002

the link is broken for me :(
Posted by Super Yoshi 2nd August, 2002 copy n paste
Posted by matrixkitty 2nd August, 2002

i like the graphics and music
Posted by Super Yoshi 2nd August, 2002

heh, thanks Heres tha credits: Graphics: Super Yoshi Graphics: Clickteam Music: Goldeneye Engine: Super Yoshi
Posted by ruffles 2nd August, 2002

there's a lot of games called Area XX, no problem to have anyone more
Posted by Super Yoshi 2nd August, 2002

lol @ chicken
Posted by Super Yoshi 2nd August, 2002

btw, i need help with enemy ai! I want them following you and shoot at you. (PM me if you can help.)
Posted by gareth 2nd August, 2002

nono dont use a mask, well do but wen the baddie is ova that mask around u, make the enemy shot an invisibale object at u, if that object hits u make the enemy shot a bullet at u. this stops the enemays form shooting at u even tho theres a wall or objcet in the way :)
Posted by Super Yoshi 2nd August, 2002

lol gareth, i just did a ai like that some minutes ago. But thanks for ya help, everoyne!
Posted by Paul_James 3rd August, 2002

Jon Perry had a solution to beat the 100 speed by like making it go SUPA FAST sTUF x)
Posted by Jenswa 10th September, 2002

Hmm error with one of the links anywayz i am just trying to download it! And then give my opinion.




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