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Robo Wars
Author: mike Submitted: 8th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 425

“Robo Wars” is a 2D plat former game about one robot, Shadow, who is captured
by a scientist when trying to survive on Earth like his fellow robots. The
number of robots has increased so rapidly that it has been predicted
humans will be completely replaced by the robots. Few have known or
recognized this. When the scientist captures Shadow, he programs him to
seek other robots as enemies and ones to destroy. Although the other
robots do not attempt to harm anyone, they constantly eat away at their
supplies. Without any supplies or food, humans cannot survive. It is your
job to control Shadow and guide him to the newly formed “Metal Tower”, and
destroy the source of these robots.

The game consists of:
Nine action packed levels,
Fast paced game play,
Amazing and surreal graphics,
High quality audio and sound effects,
And much, much more!

**this game is still in alpha stages... please report any bugs(we know there's alot)! Please don't mention anything about restarting level errors. We already noticed them and will have them fixed before we release the beta version... thankyou **

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Posted by BlackZombie 8th August, 2002

I don't get it... Is this a Sonic fangame or what?
Posted by Gordon Chen 8th August, 2002

Looks very good. Yea..i also wonder if this game is supposed to ahe anything to do w/ sonic.
Posted by mike 8th August, 2002

Umm... the idea wasn't actually developed or planned to relate to sonic, but the "badnics" were made just like ones you would find in sonic. If we were planning on making a sonic fangame, you would see sonic jumping around rather than "shadow"... About 75% of the graphics will remain in the final version while the rest will be replaced.. So some of the library graphics such as a few explosions, for example, will be replaced with our own original animation. So overall we just liked the way the enemys looked in sonic and "imitated" them to match the level environments and gameplay.
Posted by Blake 8th August, 2002

They arent rips from sonic games?
Posted by gustav 8th August, 2002

of course they are.
Posted by Canazza 8th August, 2002

i don't get this, what if you sympathise with the robots :)
Posted by SplinTAH 8th August, 2002

Posted by vigge 8th August, 2002

how can i play? when i came to the main menu or whatever it is, nothing happens, the only thing that shows up is the title. how do i do to start the game?
Posted by MattB 8th August, 2002

They're just machines. And you gotta carry out your duty, man!
Posted by T.U.G.A. 8th August, 2002

so it uses sonic gfx but its not a sonic fangame. That wont fly.
Posted by Sly 8th August, 2002

Hmm. All of those graphics are ripped, or the vast majority of them. Some also may have been created. Either way, it's not your work. That doesn't mean it's a bad game. I'm downloading it now to try it. Also...i had an idea very similar to this, and i released a beta to go with it.
Posted by Seph 8th August, 2002

Got me interested. I'm downloading it right now. Looks okay...
Posted by mike 8th August, 2002

The beta version will be released hopefully tommorow morning- keep an eye out! The title screen has a stupid effect that makes you wait 17 seconds before you can do anything.. that changed in the beta...
Posted by Blake 8th August, 2002

"Amazing and surreal graphics," "but the "badnics" were made just like ones you would find in sonic." "we just liked the way the enemys looked in sonic and "imitated" them to match the level environments and gameplay. " they look like rips from sonic.
Posted by Paul_James 8th August, 2002

to tell u the truth they look like edits of rips - so not necessarily rips but still BAD! VERY BAD!
Posted by T.U.G.A. 8th August, 2002

we dont all have to be artists for heavensake! maybe mike is better at programing than gfx.
Posted by mike 8th August, 2002

geez settle down... i didn't make the graphics personally! i only prgrammed the bosses in the game... i would say to email your complaints to someone else from hydrix, but they don't want to be emailed or have the address known by even me. i have to stick up for them, so ill say what i can to change your minds. matbe you could help us by pointing out the graphics that look most similar to sonic and we could replace them with another one. i dunno. i think they look good! i never saw a beach or cheese land in sonic! hmm...
Posted by Rikus 8th August, 2002

Guys lets try to look at the gameplay for a second:)
Posted by gustav 8th August, 2002

so you're saying the graphics aren't ripped? so how come the title screen looks like utter crap and the rest looks good? and why the hell wouldnt you know their e-mail? thats fucking retarted. oh and programmed the boss? its a goddamn active object moving in a pattern! it doesnt even shoot at you! have some self respect and scrap this project. and xcon, please learn how to review. urgh..
Posted by gustav 8th August, 2002

ok, gameplay: it was horrible. slow, boring and too damn easy
Posted by Rikus 8th August, 2002

Having a bad day there Gustav? Can i review your next game;) Lets not forget we are creating games for fun not to be sweared at by other clickers.
Posted by scaneider 9th August, 2002

It definitely is ripped graphics, i don't object ripped graphics, but not encourage as well. It's better to make your own original graphics even it's is bad. And, if you want to use ripped graphics, PLEASE be honest and make a note to let people know that it was RIPPED GRAPHICS!
Posted by gustav 9th August, 2002

couldn't agree more.
Posted by Jason Orme 9th August, 2002

They are Badnik Fusion sprites.
Posted by Erik 9th August, 2002

IM sorry about commenting about the grafs again Rikus. But im with Gustav kilman on this. The only thing that makes a game with a smart game idead overlooked is ripped graphs. ripped graphs is the way to amateur game making. Take a look at my game for example. The graphics are horrible. And i think that if i had used ripped graphs the game would have appeard more bad than it is. Now i tried to give this game a fair chanse and test it anyway to see if there is some good game behind the graphs. But there is not. sorry. Make something original with this. keep the ripped graphs if you like but give it an original touch, something that no game has ever had before. If you manage to do that then well see. you might be successful. =) i hope.
Posted by Jason Orme 9th August, 2002

the game is actully pretty fun! the River level is praticly impossible
Posted by Alex Mangel 9th August, 2002

I'm sorry, but I agree with Gustav and Erik too. Man, everyone is always complaining about ripped graphics and what's this game? It's completely ripped, and it's not even a fan game. And Rikus, take the review off, it's 2 lines (even worse than Yoda's review ;)).. and this game doesn't deserve to be mentioned on the frontpage. Scam man..
Posted by Zero Ranger 9th August, 2002

Looks like some dirty Sonic-kinda fangame
Posted by Zero Ranger 9th August, 2002

DC should not allow fangames.
Posted by Zero Ranger 9th August, 2002

Posted by Zero Ranger 9th August, 2002

Just kiddin'. The graphics are good but so what, THEY ARE RIPPED!
Posted by Sly 9th August, 2002

Someone mentioned that the badniks are a cross between two seperate sprites. That is because they have been downloaded from a site. Someone else has created them. Also, some of the graphics may very well be original, imitations of Sonic Backgrounds, but they were made by someone else, however. It is not a fangame. It does not in any way, play like Sonic.
Posted by mike 9th August, 2002

why don't you actually help us then and like i said earlier, we could replace the ripped graphics with our own ones. so that way you don't see ripped graphics whatsoever in the game when the final version is released. We are planning on releasing the beta today, so if anyone could point out some ripped graphics for me then that would be a great help, rather than complaining and whining. We're here just to have fun, right? It's not like we're duking it out for anything. Rikus put my game on the front because he liked it and thought it was fun. So if your gonna comment, i'm asking you- please- stop complaining and maybe help a little. If you don't want to mention anything over dc, you can email me at . I promise to keep it all private/confidential like.
Posted by MasterRaichu 9th August, 2002

Dude, I'm sorry, but if anyone's a Sonic expert around here, it's me. These ARE Sonic graphics. The "Shadow" robot is "Heavy" from a game called "Knuckles Chaotix". In fact, the majority of the graphics are from Knuckles Chaotix. The ones you drew yourself are fine, but dude, if you're even gonna use Sonic GFX, at least draw them yourself.
Posted by mike 9th August, 2002

that wasn't helpfull, in case your wondering...
Posted by mike 9th August, 2002

the beta has just been finished. we will not release it to dc because it does not appear as an accepted game by this audience. We're sorry for any inconvenience...
Posted by Gordon Chen 9th August, 2002

I just played the game..besdies stealing sonic graphuics the game is very buggy. it uses the default platform engine! n level 2, i died,a nd i appeared INSIDE the floor thats when i pressed alt-F4 ;)
Posted by mike 9th August, 2002

that was fixed in the beta release
Posted by SircatmaN 9th August, 2002

lol get over it, who cares if the graphics are ripped, and fan games aren't bad (not that im saying this is a fan game coz its not) God, you should be encouraging people not going off at them over the slightest ripped gfx.
Posted by ruffles 9th August, 2002

Rob, I'm with you! I won't write about this anymore coz i'm tired of it! every game with a ripped dot it starts again. mike, post it here! "DC shouldn't allow fangames" - what is a community site without freedom??
Posted by Alex Mangel 10th August, 2002

What's a community if the community is only stealing?
Posted by The Gonz 10th August, 2002

It doesn't matter if your graphics ar ripped or not. If they aren't what this "community" considers "good," they'll get slammed anyway. I've done three games since the one I had posted on DC almost a year ago, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna submit them here ever again.
Posted by The Gonz 10th August, 2002

Oops... didn't mean to click submit so soon (damn return key)... Anyay, I'll finish my thought. Why should I submit a game to a community that won't look past the graphics to try the game underneath? I use old-school "vector" graphics in my game, like the old coin-ops. I'm not Van-friggin-Gogh of CG. I worry more about how the game is going to play rather than what it looks like. I think, for a hobbyist community, the standards here are way too high, and immature on top of that. But who gives a rat's ass what I think...
Posted by mike 11th August, 2002

Okay yall the beta's at be warned that the site can only handle so much traffic, so if it's down, try back in an hour or so. In the mean time, i'll try to find a beter way to do this. its 3 megs still and looks 10x better! ;)
Posted by moren11 1st November, 2008
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wow u guys dont get it? its a robot only game, the sprites are from sonic.




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