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Author: Dave Lloyd Submitted: 17th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 118

I bet none of you have hardly heard of this before but its been out for quite a while and Zap 2 is nearly completed lol.

In my opinion this game is slightly easy, depending on how much experience you have with platform games, its a pretty simple platformer and its a little buggy. Please just check it out though and tell me what you think, also in Zap 2 please tell me what you would like to see changed/added.
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Posted by HOSJ 17th August, 2002

rather easy
Posted by desmondwall16 17th August, 2002

I recomend that this game not be downloaded for the sole reason its only element of gameplay is press left,right or shift. There is hardly any skill involved and instructions are lacking. The majority of the game is white background with click library objects placed here and there. Hopefully the sequal will include better gameplay than jumping the white background library...
Posted by HOSJ 17th August, 2002

THIS GAME IS PATHETIC! no offense dave, but you need to put a LOT of work into EVERY aspect of the game. Better luck next time
Posted by Jason Orme 17th August, 2002

and you bought Multimedia Fusion to make that?
Posted by The Alchemist 17th August, 2002

Posted by Dave Lloyd 18th August, 2002

:-( Thanks alot guys, and desmondwall16 i havent used any click library object as i am aware??? J-SOFT Leader - i made it with TGF and compiled it with MMF - it reduces file size - i only bought MMF a while after. All of you if u can put a man down for at least trying, and has only been making games for a year then you should be ashamed of yourself
Posted by Jack in the Box 18th August, 2002

I can't download it. Where can I download it? What do you do in the game?
Posted by Dave Lloyd 18th August, 2002

Jack in the box try!.zip The link might of been down because i made a few changes :D.... but then i saw everybodys comments so :(
Posted by DeadmanDines 18th August, 2002

when u get comments like that it doesnt give you the morale to make another game. If you really did hate the game, at least explain the reasons so your comment can actually be useful. If it does more harm than it helps, why say it?
Posted by Dave Lloyd 18th August, 2002 A few of you had problems downloading it so this link should work now, sorry.
Posted by MattB 18th August, 2002

How are we supposed to give you credit for "at least trying" if it stinks? The whole point of a game is to be fun. And a year is certainly enough time to learn how to use a klik program.
Posted by desmondwall16 19th August, 2002

OK if you didnt use clicklibrary objects then how come the burning buildings in oneof the cutscenes are 3d prerendered and dont fit with the 3 animations stlye that everything else in the game uses. Im not trying to put you down, i just think you couldtry better thats all, put some enemies into the levels. =)
Posted by Dave Lloyd 19th August, 2002

Owya... ok i used it for one frame :P. Nyrtrom if there wernt people out there like you there would be many more clickers and more talented ones without people being put off from making games with fear of rejection :)




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