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Author: X-Member110 Submitted: 12th January, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 353

This new version of SimSheep2 includes:
Bug Fixes
*The snow doesnít cause the game to lag anymore.
*The slaughter truck should appear even if you have played for more than 30min.
*The high/low weather options actually works.
*No old Games Factory bugs (converted to MMF1.5)
*Sheep can now get more social when lying next to sheep that are in love with them.

Improvements/game changes:
*Your sheep donít die as easy when needs are 0
*New full screen resolution (800x600)
*The stupid intro (that nobody liked) is removed from the game to save download time.
*Bad language is removed from the random name generator.
*New cool mouse pointer
*Some minor interface changes.
*Readme file is RTF so that more people can view it.
*Improved walking, sleeping and eating animations for the sheep.
*New 256clolor icon (like anybody cares).

For those who haven't played SimSheep2 before:
SimSheep2 is a game where you conrtol a sheep and must help him to survive in a farm! You have ful control over the sheep, and there are many options in the game!

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Posted by Greywolf 26th July, 2002

I can't download it because I'm not "Authorized" to view the page." What's up with that?
Posted by Jon Chambers 11th October, 2002

I liked the stupid intro! I uninstalled it, because I didn't like the rest of the game.
Posted by Megan Yunk 20th May, 2004

I can't download the game, the page opens but nothing happens!
Posted by kc22 14th January, 2005

I can't download it either. Not happy about it. This is the second game now i can't download.
Posted by Jon Lambert 16th June, 2005

Posted by Leon101 14th July, 2006

Yep, don't download. I wanted to see what you improved in the game, I loved this game and it's sim like qualities (my favorite type of games!).





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