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Catch the nachos!
Author: FenixZ Submitted: 26th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 71

You are fred..Fred likes nachos...Fred drops his nachos...You help fred catch his nachos..

Simple huh?

For information on how to play,Type HELP in the password menu...

Oh..And to beat the boss,Use space to fire missiles..

Happy Gaming!

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Posted by FenixZ 26th August, 2002

Oh..Sorry..I forgot to mention that its a demo :)
Posted by 26th August, 2002

Too bad, I don't have GFactory so I can't play it. But I guess thats not too much of a problem since its only demo and the gameplay sounds rediculously lame and newbie-ish.
Posted by Crono 26th August, 2002

o lord cbsoft what were u smokin when u made this? don't made to flame you but catching nachos, halopenos, and sourcream with final fantasy battle isn't a good idea for a game, that boss is incredibly easy, and u know how to save stand alone? or are u usin the tgf demo?
Posted by FenixZ 26th August, 2002

Im using the TGF demo :(
Posted by BlackZombie 26th August, 2002

Oh, but if you change the character's name from Fred to Jim Biggs people will love it, trust me.
Posted by JonWoGggggg 26th August, 2002

lol, u are sooooooo rite blackzombie - have u played super fun border run too?
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 27th August, 2002

If YOU are fred, and you drop your nachos, then why do "You help fred catch his nachos.. " if you are Fred? Or maybe you have an alter ego? Or a clone? or maybe.... owww my head hurst.





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