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Author: SevenT2 - [GameStormers] Submitted: 28th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 211

Once there was peace...but that was a long time ago.

Two of the most powerful Wizards,Fungle and Tungle,used to guard the Diamond,
but Tungle was evil.
Tungle wanted the power of it for himself,
He killed Fungle and tried to take the Diamond.
But when Fungle touched it it broke into two pieces.
One piece he kept,the other flew to the other side of the kingdom...
Tungle fled,and went to look for the other half...

You,Lief,are the Fungle's Grandson.
Fungle comes back as a ghost to help you find the other half of the Diamond.
(Story by SevenT2 and Kosta)

New in this version:
Extra Frame of Gameplay.
Improved Credits.
Less bugs.
Menu and Instructions.
And other less important ones...

(I don't want any comments about the Graphics etc..)

*Right Click to download
Other Download link: Http://
Hints: Http://

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Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 29th August, 2002

Please if you ue the other link provided could you click the one that adds 1 download to the thing please so i know you downloaded.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 29th August, 2002

AHH! the other link doesn't work!It's meant to be: Http:// (Right Click to Download)
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 29th August, 2002

No wait.... The download link is right... It's the hint's link that's wrong :(:(:( The correct link for HINTS is: Http://
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 29th August, 2002

Try these links: Second Download Site: Hints: My Website:
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 29th August, 2002

if you are gonna submit a game then submit the final copy. People dont wanna see 10 different versions of the same game when the only difference is stuff like the basket wont come up.
Posted by 29th August, 2002

ah christ, hes still working on this pile of crap and submits another demo which is pratically identical to the many versions of the same demo do u plan 2 have??
Posted by 29th August, 2002

This is like The best game ever
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 29th August, 2002

Really?! :D;):)
Posted by gustav 30th August, 2002

... sevent2... 1. get a dictionary. 2. open it. (good boy!) 3. look up the word 'sarcasm'
Posted by 30th August, 2002

at least my comment had no sarcasm, i got straight to the point
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 30th August, 2002

Game Zap, i release Versions because the full game is going to take a very long time to do...
And Alpha are you being sarcastic?
Comment edited by :: SevenT2 :: [Starlord Interactive] on 3/15/2010
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 30th August, 2002

Game Zap what's with you? Your not a very kind person this is a DEMO! You can't possibly have given me 1 for everything!
Posted by DBack 31st August, 2002

Nice reviews guys. NOT. nobody likes reviews that ridiculously short.
Posted by 1st September, 2002

i'll give u a proper score when u impress me with originality and stop releasing a demo every time u have done 5 mins of work on the game. Make the player feel that ur game has moved along from the last time they seen it. Any1 could tell u this
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 1st September, 2002

:D:D:D:D Thanks Alpha! :D:D:D:D (He sent me an email saying he wasn't being sarcastic and that i sould finish it)
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 1st September, 2002

gustav kilman, I'm sorry you got wrecked...
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 1st September, 2002

GameZap you do have a point... I'll try and do a bit more bettween Versions og ILLUSION ok? And everytime i put ILLUSION up can you not put your "Review" up please?
Posted by 2nd September, 2002

so u want me to keep my mouth shut? i know what its like to make an RPG, i'm making one at the moment called Crystal Sword. Check the previews section. If i can draw my own sprites after just learning recently then you can too. If there is one thing you should do is look at other klik RPG's and aim to be as good and then decide how urs can be even better.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 4th September, 2002 Is yet another of my download links...
Posted by 5th September, 2002

i take it that it is the same demo on that new link....not a new one..
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 6th September, 2002

yeah...but it;s my new website...
Posted by 8th September, 2002

great new design for site i have 2 say
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 8th September, 2002

OMG! Was that a compliment?! Thank you, I wish i could take credit for it but it's a template :( But i just uploaded my new site that i made COMPLETLY: (Which means i now have 3 sites ;),but the other two will be removed soon)
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 8th September, 2002

(and i haven't finished that new site... But take a look anyway..)
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 8th September, 2002

(and i haven't finished that new site... But take a look anyway..)
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 8th September, 2002

(and i haven't finished that new site... But take a look anyway..)
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 9th September, 2002

Posted by 9th September, 2002

i dont expect me 2 give comliments eh? when you impress me then you get a compliment. Do the same with Illusion and get another 1.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 15th October, 2002

:P:):DXD:O:S Just a test..
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 22nd November, 2002

ILLUSION 1.3 Coming Soon! (Hopefully) WAY MORE IMPROVED! (See Illusion 1.3 BIG UPDATE in preview's area) -SevenT2
Posted by -_darkman_- 28th December, 2002

when we getting the new preview?
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 4th January, 2003

What? Do you mean Level-Test? I'll put it On first,cause ppl here are tight asses sometimes.
Posted by -_darkman_- 6th January, 2003

ok wait until u get our opinions b4 putting it online here,u know i'm gamezap right?
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 8th January, 2003

Yeah i know,There's not enough people on Klik Temple to jugde it,i'm putting it on DC now.If everyones a tight arse i'll delete it.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 2nd March, 2003

Very good site. Your link does not work and your game is pretty good too.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 2nd March, 2003

How do you get the chess anyway? Another suggestion, you got a good collision on the fence but there was no collision o other stuff other then the pot of soup, the store, and the big rock. Well, at least you made a progress. Once you finished this game why not make an online one which will be very fun. have you ever played runescape? That game is very good and very popular but i don't think you guys know. You could get runscape here: or search it in yahoo. There are many places you could get runescape. Just search for it.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 29th December, 2003

Yeah, i've played runescape.






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