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Space Rescue
Author: Ryu Submitted: 14th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 89

Rescue the space which is underattack of a Alien Force .. you have to destroy all the alien forces there are many kinds of different levels ..... and simple and nice game..nice graphics e.t.c you will be able to change the controls of the game.. when you will play it u will like is my first creation and i also hope you will like my game and remember if you are unable to download from this type this URL in ur browser
size of this game is 248 K

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Posted by Sam_The_Ninja 15th September, 2002

this is just a copy of the klik and play gracillis v game,don't even bother
Posted by Shen 15th September, 2002

No hedgehogs? :|
Posted by Lew 15th September, 2002

LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD What a bad scam...he hasn't even changed the window title! Look sonny, making a game doesn't involve getting a game, and changing a string to say your title!
Posted by Tigerworks 15th September, 2002

Yes, in Game Setup it is Gracillis V by Richard Gale. I KNOW! I'll upload the demo game which comes with TGF - I'll upload Zeb but change it to Bez and NO-ONE WILL NOTICE!!!
Posted by vortex2 15th September, 2002

Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 15th September, 2002

hahahahaha, i've heard of people ripping klik and play games off BUT A DEMO GAME?! hahahaha. You suck Ryu. Plain and simple
Posted by vortex2 16th September, 2002

BEST GAME EVER! lol. im sorry, but when you do something that stupid you deserve to be laughed at :P.




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