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Txt Adventure Studio
Author: Robbie Shields Submitted: 15th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 223

Edited By Robbie Shields on 10/17/2002

Txt Adventure Studio is a simple text adventure games maker. It allows you to create text adventures with an unlimited amount of rooms and levels.

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Posted by The Chris Street 16th October, 2002

Hmm...cant say I will download this, as its kind of stereotypical that text adventures dont cut it any more. But then again, what do I know eh? Could be interesting.
Posted by danjo 16th October, 2002

not really- text adventures still have quite a large cult following. i still like them, i still like atari's too, even though they are nearly 25 years old. im taking a look at it, as i've made a few of these many years ago in basic etc.
Posted by desmondwall16 16th October, 2002

Oh its nice and i prefer a visual adventure... Maybe a version that supports pictures or a map... Maybe im being too adventurous... Maybe...
Posted by The Chris Street 16th October, 2002

I made one in that AMOS program for the Amiga many years ago XD. It was called "The Maze Of Doom", and consisted of mainly: "you have walked to a t- junction. Left or right?" and if the user typed "right" then it would go "You have fallen down a hole. You die" Haha, it sucked :D
Posted by danjo 16th October, 2002

yes- wasnt good - 2 choices?! you certainly put a LOT of effort into this, it shows with all the help files, presentation, etc, but no effort has gone into the actual game making part. its like trying to palm off tgf with 2 objects.
Posted by MasterM 16th October, 2002

use QBasic like I did time ago
Posted by Robbie Shields 16th October, 2002

danjo, I'm working on Txt Adventure Studio 2.0 and don't worry, it'll have 4 options :) And desmond, v2 will have image support. Thanks for all the comments!
Posted by Robbie Shields 16th October, 2002

And also, it was just a quick 20 minute thing so what can you expect, a miracle? :P
Posted by Robbie Shields 16th October, 2002

Sorry, that was meant to say "more options", not "4 options" Sorry. :-/
Posted by Izzerg 16th October, 2002

I thought Klikers Domain helped with this. Why are you giving yourself full credit?
Posted by Robbie Shields 16th October, 2002

Because I made it. I'm just letting him put it on his website.
Posted by DeadmanDines 17th October, 2002

I once tried making one of these but i lost motivation with it (i always do that, darn it!), but here are a few tips for doing it: Get the user to press a button on teh keyboard, or type a word or something instead. When the user types something, the engine checks what they've typed against the possible actions for that scene, and either returns the corresponding action, or returns an error along the lines of ' --- is not a valid option'. That was the way mine worked, as well as letting the user completely customise the actual layout of the application. It meant that they could call images up (so your adventure could be illustrated!) as well as sound and music. Finally, the typing option enabled the user to have litterally HUNDREDS of different branches they could go off at. It also used arrays, so you could set a value, then check the value in another level and perform an action if the value is >,<,=, etc.
Posted by Robbie Shields 17th October, 2002

Thanks for the suggestion Chris :) I'll try and implement that in v2.
Posted by Rott bott 5th April, 2003

I make them using batch language, though you'll have to use alternatives instead of the user typing things.
Posted by Tyesha 5th June, 2005

The site is not working for me.




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