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Spacewarp 2
Author: Rik Submitted: 31st October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 348

My first submission to DC!

This is a side scrolling R-Type/Gradius/Zero Wing type space shooting game. There are no levels, just infinite amounts of green alien things and other obstacles which appear as you get further in the game. There are lots of different weapons, the more pickups you collect the better weapons you can get. You'll need Vitalize to play (smaller filesize this way). Hope you enjoy it!

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Posted by matrixkitty 31st October, 2002

umm u need to make an exe not ccn (thats vitalize)
Posted by The Chris Street 31st October, 2002

"You'll need Vitalize to play (smaller filesize this way). Hope you enjoy it"
Posted by Rik 31st October, 2002

It took long enuogh to upload this anyway on my lil 56k modem, so didn't really want to upload an exe file which was about 1mb larger! Anyway, anyone who doesn't have Vitalize should get it coz it's cool :).
Posted by mdfm2k 31st October, 2002

indeed! i want exe! i work on 56k right now and i can bother to wait for it to upload! Anyway its a ok game but your will have to do muhc better cuz Titan Exodus 2 is gonna wipe the floor with this.
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 31st October, 2002

mdfmk2000, what kind of comment is that? Help him make his game better by offering constructive criticism. There is no room for comments like "Game X is going to wipe the floor with this." It doesnt help promote new users to keep making games. Thanks. :) I dig the game. Only problem seems to be that you used an extension that is rather hard to track down.
Posted by Rik 31st October, 2002

Right that's the object fade-in i'd guess. Sorry 'bout that.
Posted by Rik 1st November, 2002

Actually, I took the fade-in out of the game ages ago.. I'd forgotten XD. Well I've worked out the problem.. I'd used the File object which is not Vitalize compatible. I will take out the file object and try to upload the game again tommorow.
Posted by Urinal Cake 1st November, 2002

ah, mdfmk! DONT SAY THAT! HUSH! Titan Exodus 2 is a humble game that noone will like, its linear and boring ;). this game, is......GODLIKE.
Posted by Rik 2nd November, 2002

Ok I've fixed it now. mdfmk2000, yes but this game would be nearly 3mb in exe form, and what do you have against Vitalize anyway? But I've uploaded my new game (Blobb) as an exe as its smaller.
Posted by Rik 2nd November, 2002

XD Thanks Urinal Cake! XD
Posted by Matt 2nd November, 2002






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