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Iron Warlords
Author: ReXX Submitted: 11th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 205

Edited By ReXX on 11/11/2002

In the not so far future, a war is being held. The Anti Terrorist Network, an organization formed to free the world from terrorists, have begun an all out attack on the hideout of the TRed Fist terrorist organization. You have been chosen to pilot an Iron Knight, a highly sophisticated nuclear-equipped war machine, and strike at the heart of the terrorist organization. Which is actually just an excuse to blow things up, shoot things down, and generally raise hell.
Iron Warlords is a small, action-packed arcade game, where you can choose from one of 5 Iron Knights to destroy numerous Red Fist enemies, including kamikaze bombers, saboteurs, and enemy Iron Knights. It contains numerous power ups, innovative gameplay,a random level generator to make every game different, and action by the truckload. So what are you waiting for?
There is one cheat code, but you'll have to wait for my site to open to find out how to get it *cough*plug*cough*

Known bugs: The Random level generator can be a bugger at times, just reset the game if the level dissappears at the top or bottom of the screen. I'm trying to fix it, so you'll have to wait for an update.

NOTE: The download server has been having some problems, so use this one if it doesnt work:
Special thanks to Johnic for the space

Now you've not got any excuse to not download it!

EDIT: Click the screenies to see them, the thumbnails dont seem to be working.

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Posted by ReXX 12th November, 2002

Both of em?
Posted by ReXX 12th November, 2002

Both of em?
Posted by matrixkitty 13th November, 2002

Posted by Alucard spelled backwards 10th December, 2002

Well, the game is OK but too hard, you should make it easier.




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