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Battle Ball Demo
Author: FusionDogg Submitted: 26th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 105

Edited By Justin on 11/27/2002

A hybrid between battlebots and top-down shooters, a little mix of pinball style moving. Hard to describe, so just play it!
It's a demo still. The animations are not fine tuned, and it is still in the crude basic stages.
The demo is 1 battle, between Smiley and ToothDecay(robots)
It's fun. I tried to be original, but its the first game is put on DC. So try it out, and please tell me what you think. What needs to be changed, added, etc.
So, Have fun! I might put on screenies later.

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Posted by Ashman 26th November, 2002

Chicken...everything you seem to say now has to do with virus' lol
Posted by DeadmanDines 27th November, 2002

Please put up those screenshots, I'm at college, so until I get home I have no idea what this game looks or plays like - the suspense is killing me... well... giving a tingling sensation at the very least.
Posted by Erik 27th November, 2002

I would put screenies out for you. But a virus. Hmm tell me if you want me to host screenies.
Posted by DeadmanDines 27th November, 2002

k, best not to then. What virus is it?
Posted by FusionDogg 27th November, 2002

erik, host screenies
Posted by FusionDogg 27th November, 2002

if somebody could tell me what you think of the game. That would help, so I could edit it.
Posted by TS Team 27th November, 2002

I don't want to download a virus, regardless. I have games on tripod, I hope I don't got viruses! :(
Posted by DeadmanDines 28th November, 2002

My Norton failed to clean the virus and insisted I remove the whole file, so I couldn't play the game.
Posted by DeadmanDines 28th November, 2002

Try running a virus scan - this should give you the name of the virus. Next, look around - they created Norton, and they have a massive virus index, including custom-made virus removal programs, which should be able to repair the files, even if standard Norton can't.
Posted by FusionDogg 8th May, 2003





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