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Author: Alex Ramsay Submitted: 3rd December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 182

Mitosis v1.0 [2.08mb]
A small fast paced addictive shooter. Your mission is to protect your cells from the marauding viri. Collect power-ups to even the odds. The longer you last the more impressive your firepower becomes.

You can play on on-line version @

Created by Random, Arsdigita, Mindlessbeing

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Posted by Snail 4th December, 2002

This is a really cool game! You guys should try it out! LOL! :D -Snail PS: Great work Random, Arsdigita and Mindlessbeing!
Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 4th December, 2002

original. originality is hard to get in puzzle games.
Posted by FlooD 4th December, 2002

Whoa... This is a so cool game, especially the gfx. How the hell did you make thet movement?
Posted by FlooD 4th December, 2002

I didn't notice, you're a newbie? {ponder}
Posted by Mårten 4th December, 2002

Well, if his DC-rating says he's one, he must be one. Don't let any game fool you!
Posted by Sami 4th December, 2002

It's fun to play ! the movement is kinda slippery , perhaps a combination between a static car movement and the control over X and Y (like the smooth rock in the advenced techniques ) or it could just be the plain old bulit in car movement with low deceleration and high acceleration. the "alien" movements reminds me of tigs' boomerang .
Posted by Anya 4th December, 2002

Yeah, this is a really great game. I love the sound and graphics (especially the explosion effect when you blow up a virus).
Posted by Snail 4th December, 2002

Random, Arsdigita and Mindlessbeing have actually been clicking for a while, but as far as I know this the the first game they've released to DC and that is why it says Ars is a newbie. ;) I've worked with Random on a few different projects (really just testing them out and giving ideas ;), but this has to be one of his coolest games yet! Again, congratulations to the three of you! -Snail
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 5th December, 2002

This is pretty damn sweet.
Posted by Deathbringer 5th December, 2002

someone may have been ckicking for years and be really good at it but it'd still say "newbie" when they first join the site XD
Posted by Random 5th December, 2002

Thanks a lot dudes! Great feedback! Flood, Sami, I don't like to (and if there's no other way, do never) use the built in movements. I don't like the fact that they are restricted to 32 directions so I create my own ones. So if any of you guys need indepth help creating a movement like those in this game, drop me a mail =) Thanks again to ArsDigita and Mindlessbeing for doing the graphics, sound and music. I hope we can build another game together again.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 6th December, 2002

Great game. I had written a decent sized review for it, but the blasted thing deleted it irretrevably when I clicked 'Submit'. I'll compress it here - Professional graphics and presentation. I was very impressed by the score effect in particular. Control system felt too "loose". Download it anyway. 9/10. Can I have my 2 DC points now, please? <¦-(
Posted by Random 6th December, 2002

Yah well.. the controls need to be learned ;) But hey - finally a game where you can get better by practise =)
Posted by Lucas 8th December, 2002

Deathbringer= someone may have been ckicking for years and be really good at it but it'd still say "newbie" when they first join the site. Yeah like me!
Posted by Evil Monkey 8th December, 2002

This is one great game! Awesome job Random! :D I just hate games that use the built-in movements. Especially the platform movement. Thankfully this one has static. :)
Posted by kevin karstens 28th January, 2005

Hate to tell ya, but BOTH links to this game dont work now...any chance they may be fixed soon, or that there may be an alternate download address? Thanks! K





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