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Christmas Days demo
Author: Domitian Alexandru Submitted: 18th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 174

Well it's a platformer consisitng on 3 levels. You play as a Santa who got sent to a distant place from home and must find his way home. It has 2 mini levels,2 full levels,1 boss (not finished yet). It has 3 songs,sound efects,coins,portals,and more. It's my first game and I have been working really hard. The new version should come in about less than a week with another level and a driving level and a shooting boss. I will keep you updated when I can. I don't have any screens because I don't know how to stick 'em there. NOTE: When you get to the space level and it seems neverending just keep playing til the first song ends and then you must have at least 2200 or 2300 points then get killed and a portal room will show then there is the first boss (unfinished) There are 2 blocks which help you jump to the blocks in the first level after the elevator. Well if you need some help write here and I should be able to help you. In the next version I will improve A LOT of things believe me ! Well thanks !

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Posted by JJ45 19th December, 2002

I've heard that music in some amiga game...
Posted by Gus Stevenson 19th December, 2002

Tried to download, but it took me to a webpage.
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 19th December, 2002

Yeah the page takes you to the download. Click on the game name and it should start. :)
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 19th December, 2002

If not it should already start.
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 19th December, 2002

Well thanks for the downloads ! Well I will go work on it now so I don't dissapoint anybody. I will fix the fire and I will finish the first boss and start the future level and fix a couple of things. :)
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 19th December, 2002

P.S. the music is from Chrono Trigger.(Some of it) The other is from this mod for a freeware game called Dink Smallwood. The mod or dmod is called Prophecy of the Ancients. Ok I'm leaving now !
Posted by matrixkitty 19th December, 2002

umm cant download tried left clicking
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 19th December, 2002

What happens ? I will tell you what to do.
Posted by Weston L 19th December, 2002

Hey, what's going on? The download link sends me to, and wants me to log-in to msn, or something like that.
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 19th December, 2002

Damn it ! Oh fine I guess I can tell you. Well you need to register to go on but I guess if you don't want to.... Ok well it shouldn't take long and then it should automatically start after you login. PLEASE ! I would have given you mine but it had my e-mail and everything. :( If you are nice enough you would dl it. :)
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 20th December, 2002

I should have the new version by tomorrow at 6:00 pm Eastern.
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 20th December, 2002

Never mind the new version is already out ! It has the first boss completed with fire effects better along with astroids in the space level and a future level which is yet to be completed. It will be though.
Posted by matrixkitty 21st December, 2002

this game is crap oh and by the way gamemaker games dont count as click...I think...
Posted by JJ45 21st December, 2002

plz send me all the music that is in the game, i love them. hey gamemaker isn't click but it's almost click! i hope they don't delete gamemaker games. just add animation for santa, fix all the bugs and maybe improve the graphics a bit, then it's great game.
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 22nd December, 2002

matrixkitty why do you have to say my game is crap ? It is my first one.Also I am working on it alone and I don't know much about coding since I'm only eleven years old ! And I'd be amazed if you knew as much about comps. as me when you were my age.
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 22nd December, 2002

Jukka where do you want me to send you the music ? Through your e-mail ? Also thanks for the support ! I need lots of ! When you said to fix Santa Sprite what do you mean ? Like the feet ? Or what ? Also don't worry about the rest, I will get to those soon enough. :) Thanks once again !
Posted by matrixkitty 22nd December, 2002

sorry good game for an eleven year old
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 23rd December, 2002

Like hell it is ! :)




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