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Seek & Dread Online
Author: X-Member493 Submitted: 22nd December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 473

Edited By Martin on 12/27/2002

Edited By Martin on 12/27/2002

Edited By Martin on 12/23/2002

ATTENTION!! Seek & Dread Version 0.94 is out!

Seek & Dread Online is a 2d-shooter you can only play over the internet. You fight in a deathmatch arena and try to become king of Seek & Dread Online. Once you have started the game, type your name and click the connect-button. Seek & Dread Online supports an unlimited number of players.
Collect weapons and kick ass with kill-kombos.

(Current Version 0.94)
Whats new?

-1 new weapon (AW50 Sniper)
-1 new map, 3 server
-new mod: team-deathmatch
-boxbug fixed

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Posted by Joint(jgi) 23rd December, 2002

hmmmmm lol im downloading now unlimited amount of ppl to kill AS LONG AS THERE ON THE SERVER HOW COOL!!
Posted by Joint(jgi) 23rd December, 2002

dam my stupid caps lol in the next version u should include a lobby to chat & private games to woop a certian persons ass in ;)
Posted by Jouni 23rd December, 2002

This is a great game! Maybe because it's the first online klik game I've actually seen WORKING.. But with few improvements like weapons to TAKE, more modes like CTF and Team Deathmatch (original modes even better.. :)) and items like medi-kits and all, this'll be a killer. :)
Posted by The-Three-Klikateers 23rd December, 2002

yeah pretty cool! But it would be good with team CTF. Or Co-operative maybe.
Posted by >NzR< 23rd December, 2002

A great game:)! The best online klik game i've ever played!
Posted by Esque 23rd December, 2002

Very very nice, although I don't think it plays very well (too slow, random weapons are annoying), the net code etc is impressive. And it's the first online click game I've seen truely working, as Jouni said. Any chance of a tutorial/open source version?
Posted by simon 23rd December, 2002

Itīs very funny. I love it! But it has a lot of bugs and it need other game modes. (sorry my english is very very bad ;-) )
Posted by desmondwall16 23rd December, 2002

A brilliantly simple yet addictive game! Well done Martin on making something so addictive. But you should improve on it, maybe set up a proper registry data base for proper stat recordings... maybe thats too much to ask for though... Are you using MooGame for this?
Posted by 23rd December, 2002

Thank you all for your comments :-)! I used Moogame for this game. I got many suggestions how to improve the game, so I will work on it. I will change the "current version" number in the description when another version is released. The link then will be the same.
Posted by JJ45 23rd December, 2002

joi nthe game people!
Posted by Partack 23rd December, 2002

Posted by Esque 23rd December, 2002

Yeah loby/spectator feature would be cool
Posted by Death Reaper X 23rd December, 2002

I've been playing for ages :) The only thing I don't like is there's no reloading anim so i can't tell if I just haven't pressed the key properly and then get shot lol, but other than that it's great :) Perhaps an appearing anim so you don't get shot when you're trying to find out where you are, or an invicibility timer when you respawn. :)
Posted by Pkeod 23rd December, 2002

oooohhhh cool, its kinna like beyond reality (tm) but that random weapon thing is not gooddd... btw BR 2 is under develepment at SithGuild ;)
Posted by Danny 23rd December, 2002

there is a bug..... this guy prvparts was with me and only me and I hit him a lot and he i still alive...i was wonder how he got so much health i asked him and he said how did i get so much i was wondering about it and i think it was a bug....i'm not sure but i think it is or maybe my computer is slow...ell i just wantedto tell you just in case
Posted by Danny 23rd December, 2002

have yall ever played counterstrike....well anyways you should make more the one place. and make places bigger than the screen so we can go around and hide... and if you do make the places bigger than the screen..make laddes to climb and make some secrets to hide add some items like health and som sniping gun would be tight!!!
Posted by Chrisbo 23rd December, 2002

I like it! nobody was online when I tried it though :(
Posted by JJ45 24th December, 2002

I join it but when people get in the game, I say hello they don't answer, they don't move, and they don't die either!! What the fuck is wrong?
Posted by Esque 24th December, 2002

I think fast movement, some more weapons...more arcadey than something like CS.
Posted by Ryan 24th December, 2002

Martin, Is there any chance of a Seek & Dread level editor? I don't know how you'd go about that in TGF (well I have a basic idea), but Seek & Dread is the type of game I'd want to make my own levels for.
Posted by Ryan 24th December, 2002

Oh, and an open source version / tutorial like Esque said?
Posted by Crono 24th December, 2002

whoa, cool game, needs to be faster, and needs strafing, I played with 3 other ppl.My comps messed up right now, and crashes everytime i open it.
Posted by 25th December, 2002

Ok there will be a new version very soon. I hope we will meet then in the lobby :-) Thanks for all your suggestions and some you will already find in the next version.
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 25th December, 2002

chicken....i never said that prvparts was a cheater ...and if yall want to know who i am..i'm darkdragon.. and i'm very bad at the game.
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 25th December, 2002

darkdragon is my sn in SnD
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 25th December, 2002

darkdragon is my sn in SnD
Posted by Partack 26th December, 2002

i think this game could become 1 of those games where loads of people play, make up their own types of games for it and make up special abbriviations like KTC = kill the cow and cow = cheater (worms world party talk ) or somethign like that =) update dude.. + Make that Lobby Or I'll Beat Ya With A Stick!
Posted by 27th December, 2002

The new version 0.94 is out. Check it out guys. See you in the lobby.
Posted by Joint(jgi) 28th December, 2002

martin is u gonna make a tutorial/open source version?
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 28th December, 2002

I got a question, How do you make a chat room? Q2: Not all of the people played it when I went online. Why?
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 28th December, 2002

It doesn't mean I hate it I love it a lot! I wanna know how you do it!
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 28th December, 2002

What is MooGame anyway?:-)
Posted by Wompo 29th December, 2002

Lol, I tried this game online and every time i joined a game the people were just freezed, not moving and I weren't able to kill them. Well, one guy (who I know from IRC...) told me when he was playing at the same time that I was moving and shooting there and the other players couldn't kill me. :) Could this be a firewall/proxy problem? Kind of funny though...
Posted by Comrade the Soviet Under Dog 3rd January, 2005

Dosn't look to bad. Sounds like fun, so I'll have to download it. I'll leave a comment after I play.
Posted by Aptennap 3rd April, 2005

how do you create shooting in multiplayer games





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