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Mega Man X Legacy
Author: Joint(jgi) Submitted: 30th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 204

The year is 2300 Dr.wily has unleashed his Evil bots
in the city.Zero is out of comission due to what Bass
did in the last battle.Now megaman is gonna get his reveng
by destroying bass and ridding dr.Wily's evil forever

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Posted by DaveC 30th December, 2002

i got "error while opening" for 2 seconds i thought this game could be good because it had a cool icon :) then i realised your some newbie making a poor atempt at a fan game :)
Posted by Game-cell 30th December, 2002

Ok, just want u to know that it doesnt work. :(
Posted by Joint(jgi) 30th December, 2002

sry fo that it will be fixed in a while :-)
Posted by chrilley 30th December, 2002

you forgot to include the .gam file... so the game has something to read from......
Posted by Joint(jgi) 30th December, 2002

heres the link sry i dont know how to do a link in html but here it goes
Posted by Joint(jgi) 30th December, 2002

its about 400kb can u also tell me what i need and how to do it thanks :-)
Posted by Partack 30th December, 2002

not bad.. nice ripped graffix an all.. but i dont approve of the bouncing ball object boss ;) plus i couldnt shoot for osme reason on the first level >_<
Posted by Beta 30th December, 2002

mega man moves too fast and when he is standing he looks like he is way out of breath but i would be too if i ran that fast
Posted by Gongashplei 30th December, 2002

Plus Bass and Zero existed in different eras, Doctor Light is long dead by the time the X series began.
Posted by Joint(jgi) 30th December, 2002

yeah the ball movement for the boss was cheep and on the redone demo there will be custom platform movement and hopefully the shooting bug will be gone :-) and the story will most definetly change :-) if any is willing to help me on the game i would apreciate it
Posted by 31st December, 2002

Hezgo i cant download it :(
Posted by Addicted Tzo PS2! 31st December, 2002

still dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn! :S:D
Posted by Addicted Tzo PS2! 31st December, 2002

Try my game!
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 31st December, 2002

Nooooooooo! another fan game can you come up with something own?????????? {mad}
Posted by Joint(jgi) 1st January, 2003

heres the new link to download :-) stupid ass angelfire hope fully they dont take down this file like angelfire did :-(
Posted by dudeguydud 1st January, 2003

sucks balls
Posted by Elvn 2nd January, 2003

Yeah stupid ass ( : haha. YOU SUCK!!
Posted by Joint(jgi) 3rd January, 2003

are u saying that i suck? well FUCK U!!! hahahahaha its not abot the game its about disrespectin me wich i dont like and i dont give a fuck!!!
Posted by Joint(jgi) 3rd January, 2003

oh and me (sean) didnt make this game my 13 year old bro did so ha!!!
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 4th January, 2003

joint!!! ur sean cool ur good at nighthawks game tremor 4, but how comw u u didn't die when i shot u like a million times...oh and its me darkdrag0n... and adam palmer don't mess with sean cause he's cool... and if you think sean sucks look at ur games, wait i forgot u don't have a game!!!! so don't mess with anybodys game unless u THINK!!! u have a game better then there....
Posted by Pkeod 13th January, 2003

JOINT(JGI), suks i was helping him out on this game and drew a few ninja's and he NEVER mailed me back! now i get to use the gfx on my games :)
Posted by UF Comtec 23rd July, 2003





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