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Kiss The Devil DEMO
Author: Kevin Williams Submitted: 30th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 167

I have been working on this for a cool bit now,it's something like castlevania of sorts.I won't sit here and say it is super-excellent-awesome, because in all honestly it isn't, it gets very monotonous after the third stage, but
I'm what you'd call a "newbie" at this, and I've been working pretty hard on it. This has 5 of the 20 stages I want to have in the game. Most of the graphics are original with some background stuff I found off the net. If you got some Ideas about making this game better email me or something. This link should take you to a page that'll have a screen of the game then you can download it from there (knew no other way to do it, sorry)

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Posted by Death Reaper X 31st December, 2002

Well I like the name anyway :)
Posted by Death Reaper X 31st December, 2002

It's pretty simple but I did actually play for quite a while-which is unlike me! My attention span sux :)
Posted by AfterStar 1st January, 2003

I didn't like the game nor the name! Poor graphics and lots lots of....lovely...BUGS! The jumping thing is extremely annoying! Don't make the player "Scream" each time u hit the jump button(VERY ANNOYING) and try changing the jumping animation because it makes the "hero" stuck in places.
Posted by Kevin Williams 1st January, 2003

well first off, the thing is still a WIP, so that's that, I am still working on it second off, 80% of the graphics were hand drawn by myself, so they are mine,and it's better to have "poor" graphics I worked hard on than ones I didn't draw.
Posted by Kevin Williams 1st January, 2003

.....and i like the screaming when you jump, I think it's cool
Posted by AfterStar 2nd January, 2003

That's true,better make your OWN average graphics than rip EXCELLENT graphs! The screaming when u jump is "cool",BUT if u have to HEAR it EACH time u press the Jump button gets really A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G! An advice is to make a variety of ENEMIES&WEAPONS,to keep the player interested and don't make it repetive!
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd January, 2003

Kiss The Devil? Is somone having an Affair with my Dad? *Downloads*
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd January, 2003

Kiss The Devil? Is somone having an Affair with my Dad? *Downloads*
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd January, 2003

Okay, the game seems to lack somthing, the jumping scream can get anoying on level2, and the baddies are just the same, The only good thing about this game is the music
Posted by secret 2nd January, 2003

I think this game is good, the name is very original and the effort is comendable. I am sure Mr.Williams put in a lot of time and energy into this game. I am giving him a pat on the back for the effort. Keep up the good work, afterall you cant expect a baby to walk before he learns to crawl.
Posted by Kevin Williams 2nd January, 2003

well, like I said, I am still working on it, so anything can happen. And i also just want to state again that this is the first time i've tried to make an actual game with a structure, so if it turns out a little wierd it is only cause I am still learning stuff.




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