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Author: FlooD Submitted: 31st December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 435

In this game you are... you are just a guy with
a shotgun and you have to kill all the enemies.
It's just a normal platform game.
Graphics are not good, because I wasn't going
to make this game so big at first, but it took
me a few months anyway.
Like I said, graphics are bad, but it has many
good features, like a knife (you can stab with it
or throw it), secrets, like grenades, armor etc.
and cheats (after you have finished the game).
The game is hard but it has to be because it's
quite short.

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Posted by Partack 31st December, 2002

.. interesting desvcription.. only 1 problem i see at the moment........... The link doesnt work =|
Posted by Zi-Xiao 31st December, 2002

did u remember to check machien independent speed? cause, my computer's a little slow when running games at 640x480. I brought this up cause i found it pretty impossible to flip those two switches in the beginning of the game. If you did forget to make it machien independent speed, please do that. If you didnt forget then, i'm probably just retarded :p
Posted by Kamakazekrazyklown 31st December, 2002

Good god this game is hard, at times it's plain unfair. If you lose your legs you might as well have just had them die, since you're not going to get much farther. Also, the suicide sequence is worthless on my keyboard since you used a poor combination, meaning the majority of the time nothing happens. Game itself isn't that bad though, just get ready to die, many many times.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 31st December, 2002

I still cant get past the damn toutorial!!! Did you forget to use machien independent speed or what?!?!
Posted by Crono 31st December, 2002

Yea same here, that running part is seriously impossible. Have you ever even beat that part? The game always is a lot easier for the creator, thats most likely the reason its do damn hard.
Posted by Eyrd Parker 1st January, 2003

When you go down the ladders, jump the holes instead. Don't hold any up/down keys.
Posted by chrilley 1st January, 2003

For those who still doesn't know, just copy the address and paste it into the browser. The game is pretty much hard yeah.....
Posted by FlooD 1st January, 2003

Damn, I thought I used machine intependent speed but it seems I forgot :(
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 1st January, 2003

Damn this game is cooool! its the first game ive seen when you can lose your legs lol :D
Posted by The Chris Street 1st January, 2003

You should see the dinosaur boss for Duncan Fenns Gobin Cram..the objective is to blow off its legs ;)
Posted by Zi-Xiao 1st January, 2003

so flooD... have u fixed the machien independent speed thing yet?
Posted by FlooD 2nd January, 2003

No, but I'll fix it soon
Posted by FlooD 2nd January, 2003

There, now the machine intependent speed is on, and I fixed some bugs too :)
Posted by Blackgaze 4th January, 2003

hehehe. 2 good things and 3 bad things. good things :) .Warcraft 2 sounds hehehe, brilliant! .The worlds best... knife! it kicks ass! Badthings :( .Zeb graphics .too hard! and training was hard with the wires. .the text goes too fast sometimes next game you make try and improve it and keep the almighty dagger
Posted by Blackgaze 4th January, 2003

+ how to you get past the person with the rocket on level 1. he kills me straight away! (thats democrats for ya!)
Posted by Rhino Studios 4th January, 2003

Read the last Review!! not that one in the middle! ;)
Posted by Sly 4th January, 2003

I can't download this game. =/ No offsite linking, and i can't save target as, nor use a download accelerator. Can someone upload it if it isn't too much trouble?
Posted by FlooD 5th January, 2003

About the reviews: -Graphics are from Zeb only in 4 first levels -If Junkman thought the enemies aren't meant to be invisible... Well, they are. And Sly, the download works if you save target as.
Posted by Sly 5th January, 2003

o.o I could have sworn i tried that a minute ago.






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