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Pak-Man DEMO
Author: Dustin Submitted: 13th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 168

Edited By Dustin on 10/23/2003

I figured I gotta give something to DC, since I haven't contributed much here recently.

Here's my latest project, titled Pak-Man. It's my attempt at an arcade perfect Pac-Man clone. I tried that with Pac-Man DX, but if you've played that, you'll know I failed miserably.

Pak-Man is improved by leaps and bounds, with intelligent ghost AI, arcade perfect movement and original sound effects. In this demo version (which is the version which is available at the PKade ( to compete for high scores), there are four playable levels. Stage one lasts for two rounds, stage two lasts for three, stage three for three and stage four for three. After that, every two levels a random stage is selected.

The download version, which is currently being worked upon, will feature two-player regular maze support in competitive and cooperative modes, dozens of new mazes (and I mean that), in-game cut scenes, different fruit for different maze sets, four-player game modes and possible (dunno how well it will work out) online gameplay.

Thanks for testing it out. Enjoy Pak-Man! And visit the site at

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Posted by CYS 13th February, 2003

very cool game!! but...the sounds effects sound a bit weird. arg...i wasn't good at this...
Posted by Dani J Swanson 14th February, 2003

Good game, just like pac-man. Well presented too. Could use some original features though.
Posted by Galaxy613 14th February, 2003

PAC MAN's back! :D And made with a klick n' play product too!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 14th February, 2003

Reviewed, wakka wakka. Or was it "waka"? Never mind.
Posted by Jason Orme 14th February, 2003

wow, that looks buetiful! *downloads*
Posted by Jason Orme 14th February, 2003

Wow, that is so great! I managed to get to Level 5. The game plays so much like the original, great stuff!
Posted by Cappy 14th February, 2003

there is the 255 level bug? :D
Posted by Antonio Barra 14th February, 2003

Great game, good movement and nice AI. The sound is getting on my nerves though.
Posted by Dustin 14th February, 2003

That's two items disregarding the sounds. What, may I ask, is so annoying/odd/weird about them? Just curious. :)
Posted by CYS 14th February, 2003

hmm...i think that the sounds are a bit too low pitch. I like it to be sharp and clearer. i hope you understand what i mean.
Posted by Spram 14th February, 2003

Really good game. Too bad I'm not a Pac-fan, but I do like Ms. Pac Man. Specially on a table-top screen. :D Made a review. Read it, but it's mostly possitive and has a lot of spelling errors. :(
Posted by >NzR< 15th February, 2003

Reviewed! :):):)
Posted by >NzR< 15th February, 2003

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Posted by The Chris Street 15th February, 2003

Made in Klik and Play? o_O Anyway, I dont really like these sorts of games, but this looks really good and such, Im dloading now. Personally, however, I think the power-pills are placed too closely together, judging by the screenshots...couldn't you leave larger gaps between them?
Posted by Dustin 15th February, 2003

Yeah, they're placed closer together than the arcade original. I guess I got carried away when I figured out how to use background dots rather than active object dots, which allows for FAR more of them with no slowdown. Still, I like the dots as they are, and I highly doubt this will change. :)
Posted by Spindrift 16th February, 2003

Well i played this game allot and i cant really understand how people can just say "it's just pac man" Since when did pac man change the level layout? it did not it stayed with the same level until the game crashed thats if you got that far. You also seem to be forgeting this is going to be the Planet klik version for there arcade so it is going to be vitalized. The game is good and i have only seen 3 pac man games made in a clickteam product what work like they should do! great work dustin. I hope peoples comments wont be "It's just pac man" when danjo's pac worlds comes out.
Posted by Dustin 16th February, 2003

Danjo's Pac-Man Worlds is awesome. I cannot wait to play the finalized version.






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