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Micro Man
Author: Mark Beazley Submitted: 14th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 325

Edited By Mark Beazley on 2/16/2003

Quick get your binoculars and adhesive of preference. I am back again with another Micro game, this time a 4 level platformer, it won't last you long, but this is because it is designed for my arcade. Me and a freind are working on a whole series of these games. Fixed the link.

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Posted by BrewM 15th February, 2003

Please, just destroy the game, please
Posted by Galaxy613 15th February, 2003

I think he did I can't download it :(
Posted by Alfred Smith 15th February, 2003

these screenshots hurt my eyes...
Posted by Spram 16th February, 2003

I cant download! Some fix the link! I want to play this.
Posted by AfterStar 16th February, 2003

Jezus........ahhh my eyes...can't stand it,pls delete this game,its unhealthy! Lol!Why make games for arcade so old?
Posted by Rik 16th February, 2003

the idea is that it wont take long to load on his arcade as it's filesize is tiny. but yes it really hurts my eyes.. these games don't even work in the arcade properly, they are too tiny and the window can't shrink to that size apparently. couldn't he have just doubled the size??
Posted by funkyseaweed 16th February, 2003

I can't download it either...
Posted by >NzR< 16th February, 2003

You like to make micro-games?!
Posted by >NzR< 16th February, 2003

That URL doesn't exist.. :(
Posted by Mark Beazley 16th February, 2003

Fixed the link
Posted by vortex2 16th February, 2003

Im sorry, but this game is VERY bad....
Posted by Ray Nothnagel 16th February, 2003

Not a bad game, really, it's just that... Ugh! My eyes!
Posted by Matt 16th February, 2003

oh come on guys! At least its different! I think the black and white gfx are kind of neat! Downloading now! ;)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 16th February, 2003

This game is great! But it hurts my eye. I think you shoul make a larger area which won't make our eyes hurt.
Posted by Bryan Rodriguez 16th February, 2003

I officially hate everyone because of this game...Because it has disturbed me in so many ways..
Posted by Rio 16th February, 2003

I got 64
Posted by Mark Beazley 17th February, 2003

wow it hurt everyones eyes so much they cant stop double posting.
Posted by ACE_Spark 17th February, 2003

The ironary is, that I was going to create a game like this.. O.o
Posted by Lew 17th February, 2003

Cool ^_^ Whats everyone complaining about? I played for about 20 mins and didn't hurt my eyes on 1024x768 res...
Posted by Silveraura 17th February, 2003

Sweet game, its a really Challenge, I love it! Plus the idea of making it smaller was prity cool!
Posted by LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) 17th February, 2003

This game is anoyingly small but, in a way, the idea of a 16th Pint game is kind of cool. This is the kind of thing that would look good in a whole series of tiny games, which is what your planning. I think you should give the user the ability to move the window or minimize it, but it doesn't really matter.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 17th February, 2003

both these silly micro games got on the main page..
Posted by Spram 17th February, 2003

Finally, I was able to download it. SPANK!
Posted by Gus Stevenson 17th February, 2003

The user can't seem to get out of the game after the title screen. Being able to press Esc and end the game during play would be good. I like the black and white graphics, but this game is next to impossible to play b/c it's so small. It's an interesting idea, but I couldn't play this for more than a few minutes.
Posted by Mitch M 18th February, 2003

Sorry for saying this but I do not think this is good enough for the front page.. ( I mean, Your guy does not even have an animation... It's not that It's bad or st... Just my oppinion!
Posted by Weston L 18th February, 2003

Mine downloaded but the game didn't run, but it looks like a cool game. Oh and Micro Man is already the name of a game made with Windows Animation Package (WAP) by Brian L. Goble some time in the early 90s.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 19th February, 2003

Quake was the name of an old shareware game in 1989 or thereabouts, but that didn't stop them.
Posted by Alex Scobell 19th February, 2003

This game is good and intereting. Though I'm sure a few frames of animation wouldn't increase the size much!
Posted by Alex Scobell 19th February, 2003

Hey I have the original microman game you metioned Weston Loucks. I found it on a CD I got with lots a shareare games. The version I have wa made before he decided to make money off it.
Posted by Weston L 20th February, 2003

Haha! That's awesome Alex! I thought that game was pretty cool and no one had heard of it. I got it on a floppy disk at a mall in Washington State in like 1995. I own some early release. is the place where it's at now. Oh and I got the game to work - its pretty neat
Posted by @tomic 22nd February, 2003

This game takes you a lot of time???????? yukk!!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 22nd February, 2003

This game just stinks.Sorry. This may make a good graphing calculator game but I've seen fan games better than this.It could be inproved by making the screen a lot bigger.
Posted by Simon Colmer 22nd February, 2003

ARRRRRRG damm this game to hell
Posted by Mark Beazley 4th March, 2003

Howcome this game gets like 250 odd downloads yet bubble blast gets 20 Bubble Blast is so much better. Its crazy. it like this on my arcade as well.
Posted by Justin 16th March, 2003

Your evil words hurt everyone. PLEASE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, BE NICE! Look at these reviews, can't you see the evil!? :( Please stop griping about people's games, they mean no harm by it.
Posted by Vampire Reaper 9th February, 2004

mh....nice game...:(





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