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Drag and Drop Open source
Author: Daniel[Crazy_Productions] Submitted: 23rd February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 147

This is an example of drag and drop. Most exampels i've seen has'nt done this very good so now i've made an example to show you how to do it correct.

Review This Download & drop.gam (50,1kb )

Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 23rd February, 2003

good!!! Though it almost freezes my computer. for opening this file.
Posted by Galaxy613 24th February, 2003

This is GREAT! Now if you can do this with a grid object...
Posted by DaveC 24th February, 2003

dude you just ripped off tigerworks example.
Posted by skatekid 24th February, 2003

I've known how todo this Forever. Karl, you can do it and make it snap to a grid. Want an example?
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 24th February, 2003

im sorry if i ripped tigerworks example cause if i did i didint know that. I didint even know that tigerworks had done a tutorial about this... so tigerworks if you read this im very sorry and my only defence is that i didint knew anything until now... sorry...
Posted by Galaxy613 24th February, 2003

skatekid: Yep that'll be great
Posted by skatekid 3rd March, 2003

Here you go Karl & drop.gam
Posted by skatekid 3rd March, 2003

whoops, the link messed up :)
Posted by Yuhkaz 14th March, 2003

very good example. will use for something.





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