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Author: HOSJ Submitted: 25th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 80

Edited By ShadowCaster on 2/26/2003

Edited By HOSJ on 2/25/2003

HEXAPONG is a 2 Player Pong game made for the MOK Pong Competition. It is my first, so dont expect TOO much from it, but it has a reasonable engine (with a few bugs) and is in .gam format.

If anyone would be willing to compile it for me please DC-Mail me.

Please Criticise (constructively) and tell me anything i should know.

Thanks, Tigerworks for the MIDIs.

Review This Download (270kb )

Posted by ShadowCaster 25th February, 2003

Please upload screenshots in GIF/JPG/PNG format in the future. People with slower connections will have to wait quite a long time for the picture to download before they can view it, and most wont bother waiting and go download something else.
Posted by HOSJ 25th February, 2003

oh.. wah... ok i will.
Posted by HOSJ 25th February, 2003

oke doke i changed it
Posted by HOSJ 25th February, 2003

there is a screen... if thats what you mean.
Posted by HOSJ 25th February, 2003

Well ive gotta be honest. What else would i call it? Mo's Grand Adventure???
Posted by HOSJ 25th February, 2003

LOL! Yay ive got 3 downloads!!! X)
Posted by HOSJ 25th February, 2003

BTW Mo was the name of my cat that got run over. :(
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 25th February, 2003

Nice.. i didnt like the controls though but it was pretty good.
Posted by ShadowCaster 26th February, 2003

When I said convert it to another format, I meant actually convert it to that file format, dont just change the extension. No GIF/JPG/PNG file is 1.5mb
Posted by HOSJ 26th February, 2003

Thanks Crystal :) I dont know how, then, Shadow... :( sorry..
Posted by HOSJ 26th February, 2003

Brandon probly d/l'd it ;)
Posted by Ashman 28th February, 2003

You'll know what I think of it when the comps over ;)
Posted by HOSJ 3rd March, 2003

ITS NOT OVER?!??!?!?!!?!? ALLRIGHT! GO HEXAPONG!!! YAY!! {groovy}




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