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Cockroach Survivors!
Author: Sandro Massarani Submitted: 25th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 54

Edited By Sandro Massarani on 1/7/2004

You are a cockroach that barely survived a devastating nuclear war! Now you must battle for food! For one or two players...

Beware the children of radiation!

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Posted by Eric 25th February, 2003

hmm, wait, yes, yes i think i will download this game
Posted by Galaxy613 26th February, 2003

Posted by Galaxy613 26th February, 2003

<---! Mini Review !---> Overall-----------5/10 Presentation:-----5/10 Gameplay:---------6/10 Graphics:---------4/10 Sound and Music:--5/10 Lastability:------3/10 It's a okay game, simple, the graphics are homegrown most likey, and you need to add some music to this, if you need some just ask. I think you should add computer cockroachs that get in your way and eat some. <---! End Mini Review !--->
Posted by Sandro Massarani 26th February, 2003

Thanks for the advice and the Mini Review...
Posted by Sandro Massarani 26th February, 2003

I wanted this game to look and play like an old and classic Atari 2600 and Intellivision.
Posted by Weston L 2nd March, 2003

Haha...before you said that I was thinking just by the screenshots it looked like something that would be made for DOS. :)





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