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Author: DragoonKnight Submitted: 9th March, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By DragoonKnight on 3/15/2003

Yeah, another website maker here at TDC. This has customizable editor (you can change its font and background), internal help system (press F1 or click Help button and it displays an text file), Vitalize applications, scrolling texts (later I will include ActiveX and JavaScript, don't click their buttons or you will place the scrolling text code) and shortcuts which enable special features (like Align to Center and Change Music). And it also features 5 musics, library graphics (a bit changed), and can be used as text editor (just do not edit the TXTs that come with it). If you're Brazilian (or Portuguese, or if you can translate it from portuguese), visit to get portuguese version (the "r" bug allowed me to put only 4 musics...). Download it and have fun!

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Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 9th March, 2003

Posted by DragoonKnight 10th March, 2003

I hate HTML tags!!! They work in the forum, why not in the downloads?
Posted by Galaxy613 10th March, 2003

links don't work any where
Posted by Galaxy613 10th March, 2003

I think... I try in the board... it didn't work for me...
Posted by DragoonKnight 10th March, 2003

My ISP server does something to my download sometimes... If you can't download, keep trying. Links always work for me in the forums.




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