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Collection Cards of Boueville
Author: Toad Submitted: 23rd March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 295

Collection Cards of Bouéville is a type of memory card game.
The goal is to make pairs of cards with a certain number of tries, which varies depending on which difficulty mode you choose. You have a limited time to find each pair of cards. Get lots of pairs in a row to gain combos, which give you more time and extra tries.
When you win a match, each pair turned over wins you that character for your card collection. There are 50 cards in total and many of the cards only appear in one out of the 3 difficulty modes. When you have got all of the cards in Bouéville return to the collection gallery and a dialogue box will be unlocked to give you a bonus.

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Posted by TomH 23rd March, 2003

i find this quite a hard game.
Posted by CYS 24th March, 2003'll be easy if you know the character well... I'm sure Toad is able to guess many correctly. For me...nah... :/
Posted by Toad 24th March, 2003

hehe, there is a technique for find the pairs :)
Posted by DaveC 24th March, 2003

nice gfx, did this game come from u just making a bunch of portraits for pixeling fun??? i bet it did
Posted by Toad 24th March, 2003

Posted by Jason Orme 24th March, 2003

This is hard as Hell! But addictive as hell too.
Posted by podius (Alan C) 24th March, 2003

this guy has some really cool art in his games! prett good games too
Posted by Rhys D 24th March, 2003

I love this game! Collecting these cards is so cool, and the cards are so cool. Damnit I want to get that next unlockable game. Any hints to how the pairs are set out? I know that sometimes they are right next to eachother, thats how I won twice in easy and normal mode, but thats all I can guess.
Posted by Rhys D 24th March, 2003

Damnit, you've made me want to make a card game now!
Posted by Adrian Ceroni 24th March, 2003

This game is sooo cool! I've been playing it full on since I got it. I only got two cards to go! The only flaw in the game might be the music on the title screen, which keeps making my wav setting go full blast. There are some tricks to finding pairs, especially in the easy game. Keep up the good work Toad! ;)
Posted by xXAaronXx 24th March, 2003

The reward for getting all the cards is a code for the next game, "Gangs of Boueville" the code will unclock 3 extra characters. The code is: 8319
Posted by vortex2 24th March, 2003

Cool game! it is nicely made, with nice clean graphics, (not sure on sounds as my speakers arent on right now) but its fun! i recommend downloading! (although i must say it is hard!).
Posted by Toad 25th March, 2003

grrr, it's not very nice to reveal the bonus ...
Posted by -Nick- 25th March, 2003

grrr, it's not very nice to reveal the bonus ... :p
Posted by Maddie 25th March, 2003

i can honestly say this is a great game!!!!! very addicting to!!!!! ie made it really good! keep it u p!
Posted by Rhys D 25th March, 2003

the bonus is easy to make out underneath the chained box, you need to hide it more. Where do I enter it anyway?
Posted by Ecstazy 27th March, 2003

Nice cards! :)
Posted by Hempuli 5th December, 2005






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