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Pro Grass Cutter
Author: Spectracide Submitted: 25th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Drive 'Em Up Downloads: 161

Edited By Apolune_Games on 7/6/2003

Race against the clock to mow a customer's lawn while avoiding obstacles to prevent upsetting the owner!

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Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 26th March, 2003

Downloading.. Sounds good :)
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 26th March, 2003

Hahahaha.. Great game, this is some funny shit :)
Posted by Jason Orme 26th March, 2003

Its ermm, very weird
Posted by Galaxy613 26th March, 2003

Me Download!
Posted by Galaxy613 26th March, 2003

Cool, Idon't see why some1 would get mad for you bumping a fance...
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 26th March, 2003

ahhh good to say originality isnt dead
Posted by Eric 27th March, 2003

What inspired you to make this game, I was gonna make a game like this when I was inspired by king of the hill and how their all into lawnmowers and crap.
Posted by Chace 27th March, 2003

Hey! I wrote a looong review and its not there!! ****ing DC!!!!
Posted by Spectracide 27th March, 2003

Eric - I don't know, the idea came to me on a late Saturday night. I do believe I was thinking of the Simpson's episode where the family skips chores to go to the town fair, and when there Bart plays a virtual lawn mowing game. I thought it'd be funny to try and make something along those lines. :)
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 1st April, 2003

In a sequel I'd seriously reconsider the graphics, especially the tiles.
Posted by HOSJ 1st April, 2003

uhm.. there was a game on the v-cade about lawnmowing.. goodidea tho :)
Posted by This Guy 28th April, 2003

i love original ideas and this is no exception... imagine if grass cutting eventually became a professional sport? Man that would make watching golf seem exciting!
Posted by cjisle_2003 26th October, 2003

good game very original




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