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Bombs Away
Author: David Fox Submitted: 15th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 54

Cool game where you must dodge bombs.

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Posted by -Oka- 16th May, 2003

nice background.
Posted by Jason Orme 16th May, 2003

Do you speicalize in not having backgrounds?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 16th May, 2003

Maybe it's really snowy where he lives.
Posted by Jason Orme 16th May, 2003

He tries? Can you prove that?
Posted by Bryan Rodriguez 16th May, 2003

Okay but seriously what if he is new to kliking? Get off his back hes probrobly jsut starting. Of course if he's been doing this for years and has deoted many long hours into practice....then buddy I would worry.
Posted by Daniel (Gamers Games Company) 17th May, 2003

HAHAH, while this game is better then mine, hes using Gamers Factory while I use Game Maker, but I have used GF demo for many months and this game would have only taken me 20minutes if that to put together. And you got it in the GOTW!!!!! Thats unfair
Posted by HOSJ 21st May, 2003

now why would I download 1.78 MBs of this? PRACTICE for *** sake. It took me months before I uploaded my first game. Admittedly that was crap too, but i know now. Trust me, it gets easier.
Posted by 4x4 24th May, 2003

your game sucks mot**r f***er!!!!!!





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