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Commander Keen Masked Crusades: Asino's Uphail
Author: Markm Submitted: 7th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: platformer Downloads: 121

Edited By Markm on 6/8/2003

This is a fan made game of the commander keen series. It has 4 levels with 3D movie scenes! You can view the full story at our website:
pentium 3 500
128 mb ram
32 mb video card
direct x 7.0
26 mb diskspace
DivX 5.0.2 codec (get it from and get the free codec)

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 (17.5mb )

Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 7th June, 2003

Loooks like im the first person to download it, downloading....
Posted by Eric 7th June, 2003

Crap, thats hella big,I probubly wont download it, it would take forever.
Posted by Wormware 7th June, 2003

Whow, KEEN! loved that game.. But it's kinda old, Wel, pacman also still rules. KEEN Forever!!!
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 7th June, 2003

Keen ruled! Downloading!
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 7th June, 2003

Wow.... Your host server blows. I have cable and I'm downloading at 8kb/s. I'll try downloading later.
Posted by Assault Andy 7th June, 2003

It's pretty cool, but the movies might turn away some people.
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 8th June, 2003

This game runs so SLOOOOOOWLY on my comp. :( I tried to keep playing anyways, but it's horribly choppy. :( The sad part is that it looks really good.
Posted by Eric 8th June, 2003

Am I the only one amazed by the size of this game?
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 8th June, 2003

It looks cool, but it's just to damn big! And the system requirements are too high (*/@% computer!).
Posted by 8th June, 2003

can't download
Posted by Hayo 8th June, 2003

well its very professional, but it even runnin' slow on my brand new computer :(
Posted by Rott bott 8th June, 2003

Dopefish Lives!!! Or does he in this game???
Posted by Sami 8th June, 2003

You should make a mini version with less stuff . wavs and midis can take a lot of space .
Posted by Markm 8th June, 2003

Hi guys, im sorry about the slowness, for some reason it runs extreemly fast on my computer and it even runs fine on my sisters intel celeron at 500 mhz using an 8 mb video card. i guess mmf just wont give you results from comp to comp. if you downloaded the game prior to june 7 3 pm, you can download a speed boost i added to the game. and after that download this and place it in the root of your keen folder. If i have time, (provincials comming up soon -_-) i will try to make the games res better.
Posted by Platinum Arts 8th June, 2003

commander keen games were brilliant!
Posted by Platinum Arts 8th June, 2003

commander keen games were brilliant!
Posted by Wormware 8th June, 2003

little bit weird, all the requirements. I played my first keen on a 386 PC. But never mind. My comp is good enough.. :D Nice game!
Posted by Jack Galilee 10th June, 2003

You oviously dont have a GOOD INTERNET AY! Eric (Clapton)
Posted by Penguin Seph 10th June, 2003

Wow, a 4 level game with a 17 MB size.
Posted by The_one 10th June, 2003

stupid thing...downloading at 18kbs! whats up with that...i'm used to 60kbs!
Posted by Markm 12th June, 2003

well its on my schools server, i dont wanna pay for a web host untill i get into university.
Posted by Ecstazy 13th June, 2003

Bah, is dead for me... Finally when I'm excited about a klik game...
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 17th June, 2003

Not even that great. Good for using efforts dude. Most of the klik games are now just simple and non addicting games. Why not someone make something cool like bob the butcher? or something online like soldat? So why aren't anyone going to go for the big fish? or you just sitting there waiting for a bite? I suggest u go for it!
Posted by xtraverse 18th June, 2003

Hey blue! This game is awesome!
Posted by Bartman 19th June, 2003

Very nice engine. Though the enemies are stuck moving left and right and then charging at you, but its still as tough as the previous Keen games. The intro movie is nice, but its grainy and has distorted sound. If you can fix up the quality, that'd be cool. Otherwise, keep working at this. One of the finer programmed fan games out there.
Posted by XeEmO 19th June, 2003

I downloaded this before you submited it here. I was looking for a commander keen fan game and I guess I found it. Not bad, especially for a fan game.
Posted by pr0 21st June, 2003

i thought everyone had adsl at least by now...
Posted by Markm 22nd June, 2003

does anyone want to write a review on the game?
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 27th January, 2006

Link doesn't work.





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