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Caveman Friend
Author: Sean M Adams Submitted: 16th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 136

Edited By Sean M Adams on 6/22/2003

A small tamagochi game based on Unga Bunga: try to keep your caveman happy, honorable, and well fed! Made by Kodex and Fussion apple.

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Posted by 17th June, 2003

screenshots needed also:P
Posted by Rikus 17th June, 2003

There ya go;)
Posted by 17th June, 2003

ok thnx:)
Posted by Assault Andy 17th June, 2003

What's with all the adds!?
Posted by Sean M Adams 17th June, 2003

waht adds?
Posted by Sean M Adams 17th June, 2003 for the site
Posted by ChrisB 17th June, 2003

This is very nice and clever, but I don't really understand what the point is. Is it simply to improve your Technology Age? Anyway, it's fun, and a great diversion from normal stuff :D
Posted by Sean M Adams 17th June, 2003

yes it is sort of a thing to do when you are board. It is fun though, plz can you rate this game!
Posted by BeamSplashX 18th June, 2003

Well, I've never been a fan of any Tamagochi clone, not to mention the original, but If people enjoy it, then I can say "Thanks for the contribution to Daily Click!". Those quotes were really unnecessary.
Posted by Kris 18th June, 2003

Fun for a while, but it gets boring a bit too quickly. maybe you could add some extra buttons? (stuff related to games; 'drink', 'wash', etc)
Posted by Sean M Adams 18th June, 2003

ok i will concider it, we could also make extra levels
Posted by lunar 20th June, 2003

Funny, I really expected that it would be a young girl who made a game like this...
Posted by Sean M Adams 20th June, 2003

Kodex and Fussion apple. I must give most of the credit to Matthew Kench of Kodex. We may be making a better version if this goes up for game of the week
Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 20th June, 2003

i must admit that i made this game one saturday when i was bored... Its really a bit of a promotional sort of thing, which has marginal user interaction. It really scratches the surface of tamagochi style games, where if we really wanted to make a game like this, we could make it so you could save/load your characters stats, chose from a type of pet creature etc and even interact with it via internet etc,and use t=it to chat with others... could be quite a laugh potentialy...
Posted by Sean M Adams 21st June, 2003

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