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DEC Password Tools
Author: DEC Stuff Submitted: 12th July, 2003 Favourites:0
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DEC Password Tools is three quite useful tools for use in the aid of Creating, storing, and encrypting files and passwords. It includes a Password Profiler, which you can use to store and launch the websites or programs which use your stored passwords; Encryption/Decryption(done by Darky), and a random password Generator and online work checker. This is Version 1.0
If there is a large demand, I will add a lot more. Including: Encypted safe password profiler files, Executable Encryption/Decryption File(Allows you to Decrypt without DEC Password Tools), and help files on the subject(including what not to make your password, and advice on making your computer safer).

Ok, now that you know what MAY be in store, take a look at whats already there and tell me what you think. IF you like it, tell me.

(I ACCIDENTLY deleted this file before...sorry) But at least it's back up eh?


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Posted by DEC Stuff 12th July, 2003

Who woulda thought that the E stands for edit, and the D stands for delete(which by the way...doesn't tell you.
Posted by DeadmanDines 14th July, 2003

Screenshots are too small, you can't see anything in them. Here's a recommendation: Add a system to create a password from a password. What I mean is something like the following: I type 'peach' as my password into the app, and it does, say, a simple NOT-to-hex thing and prints out something like '8F9A9E9C97'. The user then pastes THAT into the website's password box. This way, they get to use a memorable password, and the site actually deals with a weird jumbly one. Of course, you'd use several, more advanced methods of encryption than that, but it works as an example.
Posted by DEC Stuff 14th July, 2003

Yeah, thats completely possible; but easily crackable. I would probably jumble the letters as well. Important Note: The next version won't be just passwords. It will be DEC Security Tools. A Lockout, password login(for the program itself), included encryption, Password Evaluator, and more are all planned. And more... However, It will be made far quicker if more people download this, or at least take a look!
Posted by DeadmanDines 15th July, 2003

Yeah, so like in the above example, you'd need to get the values of each character and run them through some kind of equation. My example used the NOT function. You could also have them type two passwords (like 'peach' and 'fluff'), and then have those two compared in some way to generate one password (eg: bitwise AND, OR, XOR, etc). Sounds good.
Posted by DEC Stuff 15th July, 2003

Yeah, next version will have a login screen. It will have multiple users. Each user area will be encrypted files and all that jargan.
Posted by DEC Stuff 15th July, 2003

Does anyone think this program is cool? I put A LOT of effort into it. It's getting lots of downloads on winsite.
Posted by DeadmanDines 17th July, 2003

I think it should be very practical. The more secure the internet gets, the more passwords people need to handle, so it should be very useful. Just make sure you heavily encrypt the file containing the passwords!:X
Posted by DEC Stuff 16th August, 2003

yerppers I am going to make it so the password files are automatically encrypted, and add more features.





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