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Clone X
Author: KeyrenZero Submitted: 15th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 94

Edited By KeyrenZero on 8/13/2004

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Edited By KeyrenZero on 7/16/2003

Welp, I have been in the Click Community for... 3 years?... and I have uploaded nothing of my own. I finally decided today to upload something. It Clone X, a game that uses a whole 3 colors, Green Black and Red. It isnt big on Graphics, but I find it extremely addicting. There is a "secret level" that is secret because I never implement it. It is Survival Mode, and it can be gotten to by typing "Survival" as a password. This is actually an old version of the game, but the newer version was screwed up somehow... Well as I said, this is the first time I have uploaded anything, so there might be an error...

What you do in the game::
There is a red X shaped thing that boinces around the screen. Every so often, it creates a green X thing that does basically the same thing. The object YOU control is a green circle "tank". You are supposed to shoot at the green things and kill em, with one of the many different weapons you can get. Well the more green things you kill, the more often the red things shoots em out, and the faster they get. There are 7 difficulty settings ranging from Easy Peasy to Insain (I know I misspelled it >_< ).

You can now play it on my site as a vitalized game.

Review This Download Programs/Finished/CloneX/CloneX.exe (610kb )

Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 16th July, 2003

Strange game!
Posted by Jenswa 16th July, 2003

what's this game about?
Posted by Assault Andy 16th July, 2003

Nice, would make a great vitalize game though. -Andy
Posted by Santa 16th July, 2003

Hum... strange but fun... hehe
Posted by Muggus 16th July, 2003

I thought they had more than 3 colours 3 years ago? :P
Posted by Kirby Smith 16th July, 2003

It is pretty addicting. My best score so far is 35...
Posted by KeyrenZero 16th July, 2003

Thanks guys! I probably should have put the description down, huh? I guess I will edit that in =P
Posted by Shen 16th July, 2003

I got 71 :D
Posted by KeyrenZero 16th July, 2003

I updated the game with a more up to date version I found. It has the same great graphics, but it has a slightly improved difficulty ladder system and it has Survival Mode built into the difficulty setting thingy. It IS vitalized now!
Posted by KeyrenZero 18th July, 2003

3 days I think, if I remember correctly.
Posted by istvan 20th July, 2003

strange, yet addictive. if u ever re-release it make sure u never change the colours, the oldschoolness is the best bit!
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 3rd August, 2003

wowsers good stuff, thumbs up:)




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