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Uninhabitable Colony X
Author: SimdroneX² Submitted: 28th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 75

Edited By SimdroneX² on 7/29/2003

This is a really old game of mine that I decided to put up on my site ( ) for content's sake. It is sort of a strategy/survival game, kind of like FAIND's siege, minus the puzzle part. There are 15 units at your disposal, but you only start with 4. You must work your way up the ladder in order to get more. As the game progresses the enemies get tougher and more frequent. You can also take control of a soldier as if this were a platform game. It was going to be a big project, but I dumped it because (1) the graphics are horrible compared to what I am capable of now, and (2) the coding is a big mess. A readme with more detail and cheats is included in the zip file. A readme with more detail and cheats is included in the zip file.

Remember, it is OLD, and I will not fix or update any bugs or anything you find.

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Posted by Assault Andy 29th July, 2003

I remember playing this a while back, it was only the demo though. Really nice game i like it ;). -Andy
Posted by SimdroneX² 29th July, 2003

this is still only the demo, I just fixed it up a bit and added a new enemy
Posted by gareth 30th July, 2003

i remember this, i found a button u press and you upgrade a level without paying for it, cant remeber what button tho.
Posted by SimdroneX² 30th July, 2003

its in the readme file, I think I'm donna do a remake
Posted by Heart Break Kid 2nd August, 2003

Hmz .. Looked the screenshots .. DOWNLOADING
Posted by jast 6th August, 2003

I got it when the demo first came out... Doing a remake is a great idea :)




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