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Fishhead 3 - Cheater
Author: Mr. Esch Submitted: 1st August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 101

Edited By Matt Esch on 11/04/2006

A Cheating System for Fishhead 3. MUST STRESS THAT IT IS DONE WITH PERMISSION OF FISHHEAD Give it a go. If you havent got FH3 already then you can download it on TDC (don't forget to vote for Fishhead ). To use it all you have to do is get to a level and Press CHEAT and you can start cheating. You can walk through mines, infinite bullets etc. Give it a go

Can't believe I posted this... ah, ohwell.

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Posted by Blargh 2nd August, 2003

Good thing to do, but you should have done it a little earlier, like a couple of days after fishead 3 was created, then more people would download this, Most of the people would have finished the great game by now. But still, Good Idea! :D
Posted by Mr. Esch 2nd August, 2003

The only reason I make it is because it makes the game a little more interesting!
Posted by 2nd August, 2003

Excellent, this is really cool man!
Posted by gareth 2nd August, 2003

if you hold down right arrow key when u die, then when you return to the map thing you'll be on the next level, a little bug i had with fishhead 3??
Posted by R.Pigdon 2nd August, 2003

Yep I know bout that one - hehe
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd August, 2003

This shouldnt really be here...perhaps a forum post?
Posted by Blackgaze 3rd August, 2003

nice :) well done lilmouse
Posted by Blackgaze 3rd August, 2003

wait its file corrupt (winzip)
Posted by Hayo 3rd August, 2003

works for me..
Posted by T Koivisto 6th August, 2003

lilmouse the man is very nice but the game sucks
Posted by Hayo 6th August, 2003

excuse me? mr TKoivisto, you gotta tell me why it sucks, otherwise I will never leave you alone as long as you are in this community. you got that? or are you to stupid to read (its obvious that you are stupid but I dont know how stupid cuz I am a bit stupid myself)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 8th August, 2003

Posted by Hayo 9th August, 2003

I think he passed away..
Posted by Blackgaze 14th August, 2003

i think he had a total breakdown, erm... should we leave him ?(yes)
Posted by Smeggy 31st August, 2004

Lol, its so funny to see Hayo get pissed off because someone dislikes his game.




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