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Author: dan_man1111 Submitted: 2nd August, 2003 Favourites:0
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DropMP3 is an early game I made but I haven't uploaded it until now. You just start it up and drag and drop the MP3s you want to play. You can minimize it to the tray so you can use it when doing anything. You can change the icon it minimizes to in the tray as well by changing your desired icon to Plus.ico and putting it in the same folder as the game.
This can be useful when typing an microsoft word document or playing a non-music/sound game for example.
This game was created by me with a little help from Spiderhead.
Here are some screenshots, have fun playing!

Review This Download (304kb )
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Posted by dan_man1111 2nd August, 2003

I uploaded this before I knew about any of the other MP3 players on this community so I didn't steal the idea or anything, just for clarification.
Posted by J.J 18th August, 2003





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