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Author: Bino Submitted: 19th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 39

Edited By Bino on 8/19/2003

Edited By Bino on 8/19/2003

Edited By Bino on 8/19/2003

This is the demo version of FANTAZY, the first platform game created by me. Your rules is to collect all the jewels, and give them to Reddy, a strange red creatures. In this demo version you can play 4 levels and defeat two boss. The starring of the game is Bino, he was wrecked on an unknow island by a damaged engine on his plane. During the exploration of the island, he meet Reddy, and he ask bino to collect all the magic jewels. In the full version ( september 2003) you can play 10 levels, and many secret mode. If is there something bad on this game, tell me, i will change it.

P.S. -I'm italian- sorry for grammar errors

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Posted by Bino 20th August, 2003

please post comments
Posted by Smeggy 20th August, 2003

not very good is it..
Posted by Pete Nattress 20th August, 2003

well, as a first game, it has potential. its hard to kill enemies or jump over them because the jump is too strong and the platforms too low. have you considered using a custom platform movement? the story could do with a bit more explaination, but it is fairly naff anyway. the graphics are OK and could do with some work, the "tree trunks" are obviously tiled and this doesnt look good. how about adding some effects, like making the coins fly up when you collect them, like in mario?
Posted by Red Crystal 20th August, 2003

Hey Bino, Well. I got as far as level 2 and kept dying... I will resume play later and hopefully complete the demo! What you have here is nice to look at. The graphics are 'cute and colourful' and the game, with some effects like Pete Natress said above would be good with things like flying coins. On the mario theme, I think a few '?' boxes containing goodies would be a nice touch. OK, here are some bugs, glitches, little niggling things I've found so far: 1. I know you're Italian, so I'm not criticising you in any way here, but when Reddy says 'BY BY', I presume you mean he is saying goodbye: In which case it should read 'BYE BYE' 2. Another small translation related thing is when Bino at the start says: WHERE I AM???? I presume you mean: WHERE AM I???? OK the're not important just little things you might want to fix if you're keen on making a perfect translation. Now onto gameplay: 1. When you are jumping, if you hold shift, Bino sticks to the roof by the head and remains until you release shift. 2. When you collide with an enemy, you can see a white circle graphic around Bino which glitches onto the screen. Maybe your collision detection graphic?? Anyway, it only flickers for a second, but it;s enough to notice. 3. I don't think 10 bombs per level is enough personally. 10 is a good starting amount, however I think you should be able to collect bombs as you play the level (maybe you can later in the game because I only got to level 2). 4. Like above, I think you should include health top-up's (power ups) which can be collected whilst going through the levels or at least include the ability to pick up extra lives. 5. On the level "Are there any jewels here?" If you walk into the level scrolling effect, your character becomes lost/disappears. 6. Finally, I think a halfway checkpoint wouldn't go amiss, or at least a checkpoint for 1/4 way through the level, just to avoid the repetitiveness of starting all the way back at the beginning. Well, overall I've enjoyed the demo so far and as I said, I will try and complete. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the FULL GAME! :)
Posted by Bino 20th August, 2003

I will correct all the errors




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