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Parasite Eve : Chrysler BLDG Mapper
Author: haloboycs Submitted: 30th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 111

Edited By haloboycs on 8/31/2003

Edited By haloboycs on 8/30/2003

Are you sick tired of getting lost in those random generated map in Chrysler BLDG in Parasite Eve? Get this Application!

Very easy to use, this file also has wallpaper included if you liked that background used in Application.

Its best to use it along with Playstation Emulator.

(Note to Downloaders, only download if you own this Parasite Eve game or renting one)

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Posted by Blackgaze 1st September, 2003

lol! same here. good avg haloboycs :P
Posted by Klikmaster 1st September, 2003

background is cool. Looks good, dont have PE tho
Posted by OOOPPPs 2nd September, 2003

LOL, i downloaded the prog, just for the wallpaper :P I borrowed my friends parasite eve 2 ages ago, but after playing it i still reckon Resident evil is better.
Posted by haloboycs 4th September, 2003

Parasite Eve 2 is pretty completely different from Parasite Eve(1), PE2 is Resident Evil'ish game, PE1 is mostly RPG.





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