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MaxBlaster Demo by DGTal Factory (Hayato & Arashi)
Author: Hayato - DGTal Factory Submitted: 17th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 118

Edited By Hayato - DGTal Factory on 9/20/2003

MaxBlaster in its original form was named Bombermage, and it was loosely based on Magic: The Gathering (better, it was actually based on crazy and funny Magic card set conceived by me NdHayato).
We made it to enter the TGM Game Factory contest in 2002. This contest was started by leading italian videogames magazine The Games Machine, and turned to be quite succesful considering how good some of the submitted games were.
Bombermage, our very first game, achieved a good fourth place (the version we submitted had still a few bugs we hadn’t the time to fix before the deadline), Snakesoftware’s Magic Racer made it for a stunning second place and Monkey Software’s addictive Shandalar’s Quest was among the finalists. Guess you definitely should check out these two games, already submitted to DC months ago, if you haven’t done it yet

By the way, Bombermage raised a lot of interest among TGM’s editorial staff, so by the end of the contest on early 2003 we were asked to do sort of a “total conversion” of the game, by throwing some “eminent” staff guys into it as the protagonists (they’re some big funny characters, you know, and TGM readers love that kind of stuff).

And here we are, after a lot of work MaxBlaster Demo is released and free for everyone to enjoy: even if you’re neighter italian, nor a TGM reader, and thus you may not appreciate the striking similarities of the pixelized guys, or the staff based jokes, you can still enjoy a good Bomberman style game, like you’ve never seen before coming out of The Games Factory. Granted!

Demo features:
-2 game modes: story (1 or 2 players VS Cpu) and battle (1p vs 2p)
-3 story mode levels + 1 boss level
-2 battle arenas
-4 selectable characters with their own different bombs, waiting and dying animations
-1 enemy type
-all original, old-fashioned, pixelated graphics
-all original coding
-custom movements for players and cpu enemies: never get stuck!
-console style gameplay and look
-various bonuses, including bombs’ remote control

Get the demo (6,37 Mb) by clicking “Scarica il regalo!” at the bottom of this page:
Get the english manual, with translation of some of the game’s on screen text, here:

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 (6,37mb )

Posted by Monkey Soft 18th September, 2003

well... ehm... it's italian... Great job Hayato!
Posted by Kramy 18th September, 2003

It won't let me download it.
Posted by Hayato - DGTal Factory 19th September, 2003

Quoting myself: "Get the demo (6,37 Mb) by clicking “Scarica il regalo!” at the bottom of this page:" ;)
Posted by PICIO 19th September, 2003

Yeah, this is really a good game, a nice clone of bomberman, very very beautiful!!
Posted by Hayato - DGTal Factory 19th September, 2003

Thanks everybody!:D
Posted by Mr Coffee 19th September, 2003

Make it four player and online, then you will have a great game on your hands.
Posted by Beppo 20th September, 2003

This is surely the best clone of bombrman made with tgf/mmf. Gfx overall is perfect, the engine works really good (but the bomb placement have to be fixed). I hate the characters, but this is another story...
Posted by delete me 23rd September, 2003

this is dumb.
Posted by Hayato - DGTal Factory 23rd September, 2003

@ Bill: Motivate, please!
Posted by Snakesoft 2nd October, 2003

It's a pity that it is not freeware.. this is probably the best click-bomberman game ever made. The demo definitely worth the dowload! Keep up the great work, guys! :)





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