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Drop Bear Forest
Author: Maaartin Submitted: 23rd September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'em up Downloads: 125

Edited By Maaartin on 9/25/2003

A Small mock up game of survival made in 2 days, using graphics and engine of my upcoming full size game called Steel Rayne about something completely different. There probably won't be anymore updates beacause the code has become quite currupt.

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Posted by istvan 24th September, 2003

screeny would be nice, but ill give it a d/l all the same
Posted by Maaartin 24th September, 2003

problem solved
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 24th September, 2003

That's actually kinda good. I mean, there's a few bugs and problems that need sorting, but it's enjoyable.
Posted by Maaartin 24th September, 2003

when they're on the ground they're only maimed not dead, you have to blow them into little gibblets, then your safe
Posted by Maaartin 25th September, 2003

mmm I fixed that screen but it's still screwin up so heres the direct link
Posted by Maaartin 25th September, 2003

I might try and rebuild the coding from scratch and make a level based game or just give this one a high score table, more weapons are definate.
Posted by Muggus 2nd October, 2003

Love the name! :D




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