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Bottled Water Man Bash
Author: Gaspy Conana Submitted: 12th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 239

Edited By Necropixel Giant on 10/13/2003

Bottled Water Man Bash is a beat em up style game that feels a little like the old TMNT NES games. You play as a bottled water guy who accidentally travles to a strange planet full of hostile creatures.It is a relatively short game that includes 8 different enemies, and an online score table. The readme includes any other technical info you may need.


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Posted by Gito 13th October, 2003

Hmmmm, really cool actually. Crappy story though, but i like the instruktion DEFEND OUR OUTHOUSE. Had a good laugh at that one! Fun and classic gameplay, old-school, but innovative! The music is really good too, is it Jpop? Sure sounds japaneese(I love that country!). Did you make it yourself? Great work!
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 13th October, 2003

haha this game ownz!
Posted by Gaspy Conana 13th October, 2003

its the song from chin2.mpeg
Posted by Astral_86 13th October, 2003

WOW this looks TERRIFIC !! downloading...
Posted by Jason Orme 13th October, 2003

lol, this game is scarily good. I love beat em ups, and I love bad stupid plots that make no sense. Put them together and YAY!!!!!!!
Posted by Keatonian 13th October, 2003

One question.... WTF! Well, whatever the F, I like it anyway:D
Posted by Marvel Hero 13th October, 2003

odd, but very good. That music gets me so pumped.
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 14th October, 2003

the music is terrible, but the graphics and the gmeplay are great.
Posted by Tom 14th October, 2003

'tis indeed a good game.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 21st October, 2003

Thanks for the review duder :)






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