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Author: Jami Sorvisto Submitted: 12th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 43

Edited By Jami Sorvisto on 10/15/2003

This is a bat & ball game..
You can choose 1- or 2-player game and some secret levels..



Left & Right Arrow Buttons And Up & Down (Depends on what level you're playing)


A & D Buttons Or W & S (-"-)

PingBall! 3's Coming soon!!


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Posted by Jami Sorvisto 12th October, 2003

Do you like this game? I'ts an old-looking-game but i'ts quite good.!!! :) -NrJ-
Posted by funkyseaweed 12th October, 2003

Out of interest, in one of the bonus levels, where it says, "How many negars have you killed?", I sincerely hope you aren't being racist. And the background graphics are enough to make anyone scream and run away............
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 14th October, 2003

What the hell's a Negar? Jami, if it is intended as a racist comment, I'd quickly remove it from the game and upload the new, edited version. You won't get any praise from something like that.
Posted by Jami Sorvisto 15th October, 2003

I'm sorry. I didn't really mean that. On my class is one black person and I don't call him a negar so I'm not a racist. :(
Posted by Jami Sorvisto 15th November, 2003

Did you like this game? i hope you like. I'm doing a shhoting game. Just wait! :)





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