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Street Life 3- t.h.u.g.z.
Author: Havoc_22 Submitted: 18th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 63

Well, basicly your back as this gang member. trying to survive. If you played the second game.(I doubt you have, lol) At the end you decide to run from the gang... and get away from it all. So in this, they find you... and all that crap. cause trouble. and put you in a bad situation. You decide to join your old gangs rival gang, try to gain respect and just live out life, until you get enough money, help, and guns to pay them back. Its only a demo and is far from finished. Theres no music to cut down on file size. and yes i know its very buggy. Give me a break i suck at this. but i tryed on this.

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Posted by Pete Nattress 21st October, 2003

well, if you know it's crap, why are you wasting our time posting it? anyway, the graphics are quite nice, but all i could do was put my middle finger up at the "faggits". some controls would have been nice.
Posted by Matt Boothman 21st October, 2003

The graphics are good by Pete Nattress' standards, hehehehe.
Posted by AfterStar 21st October, 2003

I didn't like the GFX!Needs more improvement and originality!Sorry!
Posted by Havoc_22 25th October, 2003

yea its very incomplete... i was just seeing if its worth the time.. ive done the controls.. thats an old demo.. i dont get onto this site very often.. (had to resign up cus im a tard and lost my but yea.. ill put the new demo up pretty soon with the controls and further in depth with the story line and fixed bugs and whatnot.. haha i guess my drawing would be good by his standards.. yes im not a great artist.. hey i was original when i made the first one.. or so i thought. I dont see any other click games like this.. so correct me if im wrong. Itd play better and all with the new one.. with music.. sorry i gotta problem with run on setances and doing this.... "...."
Posted by Havoc_22 25th October, 2003

Oh and as for the graphics i havent done that much to improve them.. ive been trying to go back and make the backgrounds look more detailed and whatnot. More ghetto. You know, with the papers and stuff all over, Posters all rusted stuff. More graffiti. More busted sidewalks. All that.
Posted by Havoc_22 25th October, 2003

Oh, My God! I downloaded that and wow... thas alot older then i thought it was... lol Anyways, Itd be quite gay if you didnt know how to get your gun out. Here are the controls- ;__get gun out /__right punch .__left punch those barriers were supposed to be invisible by the
Posted by cjisle_2003 26th October, 2003

how do u shoot???
Posted by Havoc_22 26th October, 2003

lol wow, cant belive i forgot that... ctrl__shoot





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