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Author: Maaaartin Submitted: 23rd October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'em up Downloads: 135

Edited By Maaaartin on 10/24/2003

A complete version of the game released about a month ago.
This version has a much better overall presentation, alot less bugs, a highscore table with one unlockable cheat and it should run a bit faster too. Try and beat a score of 2367. it's my personal best without using the cheat.

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Posted by -_darkman_- 24th October, 2003

for now on i refuse to download something without screenies
Posted by Maaaartin 24th October, 2003

I think theres a problem with geocities and direct picture links cos I posted a screenie but it didn't work, heres the link again...
Posted by Astral_86 24th October, 2003

wow cool !! :)
Posted by Agoro 24th October, 2003

Nice job! I love it!!! make more of these! maybe have a story..?
Posted by Fatace 25th October, 2003

I too, will not download anything that doesn't have screenshots coz that is an obvious attempt to make people download it to see what it is like just so u can say "so many people downloaded it, they hated the game but they still downloaded it!"
Posted by Maaaartin 25th October, 2003

In some circumstances that may be the case, but with this game the graphics are more impressive then the actual gameplay, so hiding screenshots to lure people into downloading my game would be quite pointless.
Posted by Keatonian 25th October, 2003

Nice graphics, however: WTF
Posted by AndyUK 26th October, 2003

4 meg is a little big for me to bother so i wont. mabye later.
Posted by haloboycs 26th October, 2003

Some good stuff about it, some lame. Good - graphic, cheat, highscoring Lame - no story, no extra feature like quest or unlocking secret's or whatever, no different guns





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